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Here are the top stories in Sacramento today:

  1. The community of Folsom has concerns about a proposed project by. voiced Pacific gas and electricity, that includes the distance of several Trees near a popular hiking trail and park. PG&E was at a. did not show up City council Meet on Tuesday evening where members of the community and community Officer voiced issue about the planned project. But it’s on Friday morning Utility The company has announced that it is getting the project off the ground stop. “We are listening to the concerns of the City of Folsom. We are on hold in Folsom to address the vegetation along the Oak Parkway Trail and the Cummings Family Park public recreation areas to continue talking to community stakeholders, ”said PG & E’s Megan McFarland. (Folsom Telegraph)
  2. Two people were killed and five others were injured after one shoot at a party called The exotic erotic ball in Sacramento county early Saturday morning, according to the sheriff’s office. Officials said there was Hundreds the participant in the Party. Sheriff’s office officials said it was unclear how many weapons got fired and how many Suspects MPs are looking, although the shootout is steps from the Sheriff’s office Building. (KCRA3)
  3. November 6th, Moose Grove welcomes a new outdoor recreation Center, The reservation in District 56. District 56 is located at 9701 Big Horn Boulevard and offers a 30 acre peaceful and natural oasis. The town of Elk Grove uses a $ 3 million Land water protection fund Grant from California State Parks to finance the project. The recreation center will include a number of areas for outdoor entertainment, acres of wetland, and plenty of nature trails to enjoy with the family. (Elchhain grandstand)
  4. Was there a sale of machetes? Last week a suspect threw a stolen one at a homeowner who was chasing him away with a baseball bat. Then there was one this weekend attack close shortly after midnight Saturday H and 9th streets where one man attacked another with one machete. The victim of the attack was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the attacker was arrested at the scene of the crime Attack. I feel like I’m on the set of an Indiana Jones movie. (ABC10)
  5. Cosumnes Oaks High School was precautionary Lockdown At Friday after officers received a report on one weapon At Campus. According to a message from Headmaster Johnny Jauregui sent to parents, both Cosumnes Oaks and Elizabeth Pinkerton Elementary School Blocked as a precautionary measure after receipt of the report. After a campus search, officials say no weapon was found. The curfew completed shortly after Midday. (CBS Sacramento)

Events on Sunday in Sacramento:

  • All aboard Spookomotive train journeys In the California State Railroad Museum. This adorable, not terrible, move is just right for the whole family. (10:00 A.M)
  • THIS Halloween with Boys Noize, Brownies and Lemonade All-Stars and Devault will be at N16. Only over 9 p.m. (4 p.m.)
  • Seeker of the Strange Halloween Edition will be in Sofia. Seekers of the Strange is a fictional, paranormal investigation team that embarks on a dangerous and mind-numbing foray into the unknown every month. (19.00)
  • the Tower theater the gifts Psycho as part of their Hitchcocktober event. (19.00)

Sacramento Patch Notebook

  • Wet weather will likely return Sacramento Beginning of November! See forecast for November 3rd to November 7th at this link. (Facebook)

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