10 Tenting Spots To Watch Out For In Halo Infinite


Camping has been a playstyle since the early days of first-person shooters. No series can praise the genesis of strategy quite like Halo. While the graphics, mechanics, and generations have changed, the overall premise of Halo has remained the same. You can charge, flank, and camp your way to victory.

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Many of the maps in Halo Infinite are symmetrical. They enable both sides to position themselves on an equal footing. That can make for great camping opportunities if you can sneak into the opposite area. Or it can offer the same opportunities to an enemy. This could cause you problems if you are not sure where the best campsites are.


10/10 Argyle Towers

A Spartan stands with a sniper on the east and west towers of Halo Infinites' Argyle map.

Argyle is a small, dimly lit map in Halo Infinite. Each side is nearly identical save for the paint bouncing off the structures. Both opening spawn areas have an easily accessible tower that can be difficult for the other team to reach.

There’s a sniper rifle on a platform around the corner. If you grab this and run back to the tower on your respective side of the map you’ll have a nice campsite until you run out of ammo and need to go for more. If you find yourself being dominated by a camper here, the best counterattack is to climb into your tower and take him down from afar.

9/10 Bazaar – gates

The Double Doors are great campsites on Bazaar in the East Gate and West Gate locations in Halo Infinite

The east and west sides of the bazaar both have a set of double doors known as the gates on the map. There’s no way to tell what’s waiting behind those doors until you make it. It’s the perfect spot for a camper to wait, fire off a few shots, and take down an unsuspecting enemy with a melee attack.

There is a long path on either side of the map that lies behind the player here. You can take this if nothing else works. Otherwise, if you ricochet a few grenades off the wall through the doors, it’ll free up, allowing you to bump in and get the camper out of that area.

8/10 Bazaar – library and lockers

The Libary and Locker locations on Halo Infinite provide a great overview of the center of the map.

Unlike other maps, Bazaar has a number of areas that are very similar but are named differently. Library and Lockers are the in-game locations. Both function as corner rooms located above the center of the map. Campers can post here to capture the odd ball, or wait for a flag bearer to come into view and stop a target shot.

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If you camp here you have to keep an eye on the opposite place. A player could exit either the library or the lockers and catch you from behind if you just pay attention to the middle of the map. With such open entrances, grenades are a good choice to get the camper going here.

7/10 Fragmentation – Towers

Towers on Fragmentation in Halo Infinite allow campers to see across the entire map.

The Towers on Fragmentation are a good choice for setting up camp in Halo Infinite. Both have a center sniper and a direct view of the enemy turret. You are far from the spawns, even with the gravity elevators giving you a boost towards the areas.

There’s the enclosed tower itself and the platform behind it that gives you freedom of movement. You can see if someone is approaching from almost anywhere. If you are here with a sniper you will get a lot of kills. If an enemy is there, you need to bring a teammate to rush them as quickly as possible before they can pick you up.

6/10 Streets – old town bar

A player sits in the corner of the Old Town Bar area of ​​the Streets map in Halo Infinite

There’s cover around every street corner. Most of this Halo Infinite map is campable. The alleys, hallways, courtyards and rooms are small and have very few entrances. However, the best place to hide out on the streets is the bar in the old town.

There are a few corners here that you can step back into so you can see the entire room and the street in front of it. It’s one of the best places in the game to be defensive in Odd Ball game mode. Your team can build up outside while you wait inside. If you are at the other end, you can counter this by going there with your team at different entrances to capture the camper.

5/10 Live Fire – Tunnel

Live Fire's rocky tunnel area is a common campsite in Halo Infinite.

The Tunnel on Live Fire is a camper’s dream. The doors to enter are tiny and usually only let one player through at a time. You can drop down from above or take one of the direct entrances to claim yours here during a match.

Just make sure you switch from one end to the other often. If you stay in one spot of the tunnel, the other team can shell you with grenades to get you out. The same is true when you are dealing with an RV. The tight boundaries make it difficult to avoid explosives, so use them as a counter.

4/10 Live Fire – Tower

The turret on Live Fire allows you to monitor most of the map in Halo Infinite

The Tower on Live Fire is arguably the most popular campground in all of Halo Infinite. The sniper rifle sits between the turret and the garage area. If you can grab it and get to the tower’s platform, you’ll be sitting there for a while if your team can protect you.

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Whether you’re taking out enemies from afar or keeping the aim here, the turret is second to none in Live Fire. Behind it, only the stairs lead up, which can easily be guarded. You need a full attack to prevent a camper from picking up speed at this point.

3/10 Charging – Elevator

A player will return to the corner above the elevator while charging in Halo Infinite.

Recharge has many campsites on the same side of the map in Halo Infinite. The elevator area is probably the most annoying. It’s a non-working elevator, but you can jump from the elevator onto the platform above. There you can camp and stop anyone who comes in from below or from the stairs in the control room.

Backing the camper into a corner is the best way to thwart their strategy. You and your team should move in from the control room, the stairs below, and the elevator to make sure they get taken out. Coordination is key to stop a reckless camper here.

2/10 Charging control room

A Spartan holds his assault rifle and watches the control room stairs in Halo Infinite

Recharge’s control room only has two entrances. There is an exit through which you can fall into the center pit of the map, but without a grenade or rocket boost, no one can enter via that route. This means a camper can sit in the corner and simply hold down the door from the elevator and the stairs from below.

This is one of the most difficult campgrounds to tackle when the camper has a power weapon. You can be a nightmare for the opposing team if you’re the one here. When an opponent settles down in Camping Paradise, all you can do is rush in and hope your shots land first.

1/10 Charging – hydro

An RV sits back in the hydro area and watches its entrance from the control room in Halo Infinite

Hydro is a tricky campsite on Recharge. There’s a wide open space in front of the machine, but then there’s the ramp that leads down behind the machine and the platform that contains an energy weapon. A sword wielder or rocket launcher user will have the game of their life camping here in a Team Slayer or Free For All environment.

Thankfully, you can use Hydro’s multiple entrances and size against them. Most likely the camper will take you out the first time you enter the room. Just change your approach to catch them off guard. Be quick through a different entrance than where you were eliminated and you should have ample opportunity to drive them from their lair.

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