12,000 Steel Hooks Used To Steal Energy Eliminated In Marathwada | Aurangabad Information


Aurangabad: The state power company removed nearly 12,000 metal hooks from the other side Marathwadaused for unauthorized power consumption.
The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has launched a crackdown on electricity theft in Marathwada.
Sunil Jadhav, deputy chief public relations officer of MSEDCL, Aurangabad division, said on Thursday that the maximum of 6,779 metal hooks have been removed Nanded Zone, followed by 4,129 from the Aurangabad zone and 1,009 hooks from the Latur zone. “The crackdown on metal hooks has been carried out over the past four days. The measure resulted in a saving of almost 78 MW of electricity,” he said. As part of its ongoing comprehensive countermeasures against electricity theft, MSEDCL has also exposed 1,703 electricity thefts in Marathwada using various methods.
“Electricity theft is not only dangerous as it involves direct contact with high-voltage power lines, but also invites criminal action according to the law. Local authorities have registered criminal offenses in cases of electricity theft uncovered during the current trip,” Jadhav said.
MSEDCL has also called on citizens to report electricity theft in their areas and be rewarded for doing so. According to the established procedure, 10% of the total electricity theft will be awarded to the whistleblower as prize money.
“Electricity theft is one of the reasons for imposing emergency load shedding in areas with such high levels of unauthorized use of electricity. Consumers are urged to refrain from such illegal practices,” MSEDCL authorities said.