13 Finest Tenting Chairs to Purchase in 2022



Sitting outside in nature is one of life’s great joys. The activity is especially sweet when you get to the place where you can sit outside and do nothing after a day hike or some other type of commute. That’s what camping chairs do best.

When it comes to the actual camping event, stocking up on the right camping gear—the kind you buy the right version of first, so you’re never stuck without—is essential to a smooth adventure. You need to get your tent and fire pit. You have to get your chair and you have to get a good one.

Here we have compiled 13 of the best camping chairs in different shapes and price ranges. They are built for camping, so of course use them when camping. But because of this construction, they also act as general portable seating, good for keeping in the garage or your car so you can sit outside anytime anywhere – at the beach, at a baseball game, in your backyard under a particularly starry night . The uses? Endless.

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Yizi Go Portable Camping Chair

Trekology’s chair-in-the-bag situation is a great option for something that’s easy to store and easy to transport. It holds up to 300 pounds but only weighs two.

The types of camping chairs and their differences are subtle, but you might prefer one type over another. One option: a flat camp chair that gives you solid support but keeps you much lower to the ground.

Some camping chairs have a small rocking edge on their legs instead of poking straight into the ground. That little bit of give provides a softer, springier feel when seated.

When camping – or prolonged sitting anywhere outdoors – calls for some protection from the sun, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than this classic canopy chair. Get all the benefits of sitting in nature, without UV rays.

Set of 2 Zero Gravity lounge chairs

Because of their packability, some camping chairs tend to sag when seated. These zero-gravity lounge chairs are specifically designed not to. They have a high, supportive backrest and place your body in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Helinox chairs are a favorite among seasoned campers and will likely stay with you for many outdoor adventures to come. This is made from a virtually indestructible aluminum alloy and is easy to open and pack away again.

For more of a lounge chair situation, this GCI option is comfortable and relaxed. It reclines a little more than your standard camp chair and comes with a few extra amenities: a cup holder, cushion and sunshade.

Cool quad camping chair

The Coleman camp chair is a solid choice for most outdoor seating. The 24″ seat is easy to set up or store in the trunk of your car. Good for camping, outdoor concerts and sporting events. There is also a drink holder.

For something bigger, this chair is on wheels and ready to take up space in any outdoor space at its disposal. These wheels aren’t just for moving the chair – they turn the entire seat into a trolley to hold all your stuff for the day. Perfect for days in the park or at the beach.

This Poler chair has a high back and airy mesh panels on the sides to keep you comfortable when seated. And when it’s time to get moving again, the aluminum base and nylon seat pack away into an easy-to-carry bag.

Wren’s camp chair is one of our favorite chairs for all types of campers, experienced and novice. It’s roomy and comfortable to sit on, and packs away into something you can stuff right into your backpack.

Yeti understands the great outdoors, and that goes beyond coolers and insulated tumblers. This Trail Head camping chair is a comfortable and durable option. The materials are beautiful – the kind of things you can feel the quality of as soon as you touch them. The seat itself is made from Yeti’s Flexgrid fabric, which won’t sag when seated or make you sweat in the heat.

XL Cham armchair in aluminium

This XL armchair is a great option for people who want a more spacious seat outside. It folds up like a beach chair and swings easily around your back. The backrest is supportive and changes to five different angles so you can adjust to your most comfortable position every time you sit.

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