15 tasty recipes for yard tenting


Take this traditional recipe to a new level by simply adding the classic cheese and herb flavor combo. Not only does it add texture and flavor, but it also smells amazing when cut hot.

2. Bruschetta board with grilled brie

André Martin

Set up a brilliant bruschetta station with bread, peaches, vegetables, charcuterie and cheese for the perfect snack that all campers can help themselves to.

3. Sweet potatoes roasted in charcoal

Charcoal-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This super-easy, gourmet version of jacket potatoes will delight you with its irresistible caramelized edges and incredible taste.

4. Grilled corn with parmesan and lime

Grilled corn with parmesan and lime

Delight the family with this healthy and tasty campfire must-have. This tasty corn recipe is ideal as an afternoon snack or as a side dish to main dishes.

5. A pot of Mexican pork with beans

Mexican pork with beans a saucepan

Think about tender pork that will fall apart on your plate as well as in your mouth. A packet of taco seasoning and a glass of salsa are all you need for an instant Tex-Mex flavor.

6. Grilled chicken skewers with lemon and cumin

Karen Martini Lemon Cumin Barbecue Chicken

Rob Palmer

Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? With loads of Lebanese flavors, these flavorful skewers are perfect for the warmer weather.

7. Sticky jerk lamb skewers


Feasting the lamb under the sun – you can’t get more Aussie! Chef’s tip: if you have some time, let the meat marinate for a few hours for extra flavor.

8. Bush-flavored beef skewers with jacket potatoes and Davidson plum aioli

Beef skewers seasoned with bush

Benito Martin

Aromatic Australian spices like Dorrigo pepper and fruits take this dish to tasty new heights! Adding jacket potatoes will keep you full longer and ensure that nobody stays hungry.

9.Grilled chicken with summer herb brush …

whole grilled chicken

André Martin

Cook a whole chook on the grill to feed the whole family. Flavored with the smoky aroma from the grill and fresh summer herbs, it doesn’t get any better!

10. Then use the leftovers to make chicken tortillas with grilled corn salsa

Grilled chicken tortillas with grilled corn salsa

André Martin

These spicy mayo and charred corn tortillas are the ultimate do-it-yourself meal that means everyone is hands on deck. This crowdpleaser is also a great way to use up scraps of corn from yesteryear.

11. Beef burger with bacon and onion chutney

Beef burger with bacon and onion chutney

André Martin

Stop looking for the elusive “best burger”! This recipe layers traditional ingredients and toppings a delicious bacon and onion chutney.

12. Balsamic sausages with red vegetables

Balsamic sausages with red vegetables

Curry sausages may have been the main meal of your childhood camping trips, but have you tried this balsamic sausage? It is also suitable for diabetics!

13. Fire seared tomahawk steak with caramelized cream corn

Tomahawk steak always looks amazing on a platter.

Grab the tongs, light the grill, and let the grill crank. The big, bold, and bony tomahawk steak always looks amazing on a plate.

14. Grilled leg of lamb with smoky pepper and onion salsa

Lamb leg

André Martin

Butterfly, grill and top with olives and spicy salsa. Packed full of flavor, this one is sure to be a hit any time of the year!

15. Mediterranean style pork ribs with soft corn bread rolls


André Martin

For the best food to touch, it’s impossible to get past these ribs – they’re juicy, filling, and wonderfully sticky.

16. Hot Jaffa Malt Chocolate

hot shock


This recipe from Fast Ed is the best hot chocolate ever and perfect for those cold nights around the campfire no matter where you are in Australia.

Now for dessert. You can’t go camping without roasting some marshmallows, or better yet, s’mores. Here are some of our favorite sets:

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