2022 Ford Bronco Sport costs climbing as gross sales stay sizzling


The sport definitely deserves the name Bronco.

Steven Ewing / Roadshow

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport gets more expensive as the automaker raises the price of the sturdy little thing. Cars Direct reported the price increase first and Ford confirmed the news with Roadshow, citing today’s “market conditions”.

The good news is that the base Bronco Sport doesn’t get much more expensive, just increasing it by $ 50 to $ 28,760. (You should note, however, that Ford previously increased prices last summer with a hike of $ 540.) Depending on what spec you’re looking at, the Bronco Sport actually costs $ 1,115 more when compared to the 2021 model.

That number is specific to Badlands outfit, which is now $ 36,925 after the 2022 target. That adds to the previous $ 575 hike and a new $ 540 hike that Ford plans with this latest move.

Other outfits also see slight increases. The Big Bend trim is now $ 30,320 after a $ 105 increase, and the Outer Banks trim is now $ 215 more at $ 34,570.

The stock for the new SUV remains quite tight in the current year Chip shortage, but if you can find a 2021 Bronco Sport it may turn out to be a better deal.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport is ready for mountains and malls

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