25kN Auto Locking Gate Climbing Carabiner Clip – Freskaro™


Climbing Carabiner Clip Features


A UIAA Safety label certified since 2020, a straight gate auto-lock carabiner for climbing, and belay loops, etc.


Easy clipping one-handed twist-lock mechanism, using index finger and thumb to twist barrel and push the straight gate open. Release the gate’s pressure, and the spring on the barrel will auto close and lock the gate.


Has a strength rating of 25kN (5,621lbs) and a cross-section gate strength of 6kN. The strength and lightweight performance are from its hot-forged construction.


Locking straight-gate with a deep spine and the keylock nose design guards against snagging. The carabiner has an easy-to-grasp shape, thus, pleasant to hold and handle.


If you lack experience, use this as part of your climbing gear equipment under proper supervision. Connectors are one part of the safety system which protects the climber from accidents. Buying Climbing Gear…


The net weight is only 2.01oz, thus minimizing your carrying load. A Size of 3.93″ Heigh and 2.3″ Wide (at widest point), 1.77″ Width (narrowest point), and a 0.66″ gate opening.


This keylock carabiner has a smooth surface and locking operation. The d carabiner shape and form will prevent blisters or scratching yourself when handing. Whether you’re at the climbing gym or out for a hike, you need a dependable carabiner. This one will not let you down! (no pun).


Our carabiners are factory stock, so the product takes a little to ship directly to your door. We are currently experiencing delays due to COVID-19, so it may take up to 7-15days to receive your order. We will send you an email with your tracking details as soon as the item leaves the building.


10-year limited warranty. If your carabiner fails, send us a picture to clarify any faults and rectify any problems with a replacement.

Return Policy

We are confident that you will love our product to offer a full refund on returns within 30 days of purchase.

Country of Origin

Designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, China, our production runs on end-end quality control. At every stage, inspections are made, sample testing of batch runs is tested to destruction with a tensile strength device. We use only qualified suppliers for raw material, which we do 100% IQC inspection.

Certifed Carabiner

The Freskaro D shape carabiner has tiny loops made of metal and consists of an automatic gate. Carabiners are an essential piece of climbing gear. Being certified with both the UIAA and EN1775:2013 is vital.

Material used:

The carabiner is made up of 7075 aluminum and is lighter than steel. It works for recreational climbing where there are fewer forces and operating loads. It is lighter than pear-shaped carabiners owing to their material. You, therefore, have less weight to carry while adventuring.


It has a 25 kN (5,621 lbs.) strength rating and a 6 kN of cross-loading rating. The net weight is 2.01oz, reducing the carrying load to a minimum. The carabiner’s most vital component is often called the central axis at the middle of the spine edge. It is the region that can support most of the weight.

Size and Dimensions:

It has a 3.93″ of height and 2.3″ of broad dimensions (at the widest point), 1.77″ width (narrowest point). Although the size and shape of a carabiner determine the gate range, it has a 0.66″ straight gate opening. Because of its D-shape, it has a much larger gate opening similar to pear-shaped carabiners.

Design and Shape:

Built with a straight outline, it moves force to the carabiner’s spine away from the straight gate. Due to which it is the most robust carabiner form. And it is more versatile than a traditional symmetrical oval design. Designed to defend from snagging with a deep spine and keylock nose guards. The interface has a design that is simple to grip and also pleasant to carry and manage. Opening the gate from the nose with just the twist-lock action. With the spring-loaded configuration, they lock shut. With all safety devices, carabiners are prone to wear and tear, so inspect before use.

How to use:

It consists of a one-handed opening to rotate or twist the barrel. The user can use the index finger and thumb to force the gate open. He should release the gates’ pressure so that the barrel’s spring will shut the gate and secure it.


Our climbing carabiners remain rust-free in all conditions. It is reliable and of great value for money, stable and more durable than typical wire gate models, designed to use for 10 years and beyond. Our carabiners have a smooth surface and locking operation. The hot forged structure and shape can prevent scratching or abashing.

Use Cases:

Men and women both can use this outdoor or indoor. Use for hiking gear, rock climbing, mountaineering, hanging equipment, etc.


If you need a 25kN screw lock carabiner, check our screw lock model, which has a 5 star rating, with an i beam structure. For a alternative smaller model we have a 12kN screwgate version.


Freskaro has been selling internationally for a short time, but we’ve been producing products for many brands over the years. We focus on a small range, unlike larger brands such as Black Diamond, Petzl, etc, we only focus on what’s right for customers. Our quality is every bit equal to others, thus, full certification on this model range.

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