5 Methods to Transfer Freely in Your Vibram FiveFingers Sneakers



Vibram has long been an industry leader in providing high quality soles to some of the world’s best shoes, but in 2006 they challenged the conventional with a product that allows you to connect with the environment more directly. Vibram FiveFingers are lightweight shoes with five toes and a slim and flexible Vibram sole allowing the wearer to feel the natural ground with a level of protection from the elements. There are many models within the Vibram FiveFingers family and each provides the sensation of being barefoot allowing you to spread your toes and experience your favorite activities in a new way. 


Free yourself from the confines of traditional rigid and heavy hiking boots and connect to the trail on a more intimate level. The V-Alpha is flexible and durable allowing for maximum ground feel, while the V-Trek features a slightly thicker outsole for rough trails and increased protection. Both of these outdoor specific products include a Vibram Megagrip sole providing superior traction on wet and dry surfaces, allowing you to move freely and with confidence on any terrain without carrying any excess weight. 


You may be used to shoes with thick foam soles that make running on the sidewalk or trail a cushy experience, not allowing you to feel anything on the ground. Vibram is the only brand that offers a true barefoot running experience, in a soft, lightweight, flexible and comfortable package. The new V-Run Retro is an updated version of Vibram’s classic running shoe, ideal for roads and light trails. The V-Trail 2.0 trail shoe is extremely durable, including extra protection to hold up against the rocks and roots the trail may throw at you, while still allowing your toes to splay fully for more stability. You’ll be activating different muscles running without the cushion so we recommend easing into a routine with Vibram’s FiveFinger Field Guide and before long you’ll be running as nature intended.  


Whether you’re swimming, kayaking, surfing or just exploring around rivers and lakes, you need a shoe that protects your feet without getting in the way of feeling the sand between your toes. The Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua has a Megagrip outsole that gives superior grip on wet surfaces and includes drainage holes to shed excess water and dry quickly. The ergonomic, glove-like fit hugs your feet, ensuring you can move as freely as if you were truly barefoot.  

Indoor Training 

With Vibram FiveFingers you have the luxury of full toe movement – an experience that engages the foot in an almost primordial way, allowing you superior balance and active stability while you train. The V-Train 2.0 is designed to be the ultimate gym partner, whether you’re doing strength training, weight lifting or cardio, it’s sturdy but lightweight and recently redesigned for even greater comfort. For the ultra-minimalist, yoga or Pilates enthusiast, there’s the V-Soul which looks super cute and also allows for full freedom of movement. 


Give your feet a well deserved break after a long day in the gym or on the trails in traditional footwear, and ease into the barefoot lifestyle with a minimalist everyday shoe. The CVT-Hemp features a shock absorbing outsole and a convertible heel to wear as a clog for ultimate comfort. If you’re looking for a more elegant design, the VI-B is modeled like a ballet flat, perfect to wear around town and to pair with your favorite casual outfit. Once you experience the Vibram FiveFingers lifestyle you may wonder how you ever lived freely without them!

As the world leader in the manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles, Vibram challenged the conventional approach to footwear with the launch of the iconic FiveFingers shoe in 2006. Featuring five toes and a slim, flexible, Vibram sole, the game-changing FiveFingers shoe allows the wearer to move freely, as if barefoot.

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