5 outside recreation personalities and types that ought to be in your radar


A major benefit of attending industry conferences is the opportunity to network with a range of unique brands and personalities from across the country in one convenient location. The recent Outdoor Media Summit event, held in North Tahoe, proved to be a great place to do so.

Here are five people, brands, or organizations worth checking out:

1. Clean the lake

This local group is dedicated to cleaning up Lake Tahoe — and they’re not just talking about the shorelines. Divers with this group head underwater to pull debris out of the lake, perhaps best known for their completed push to clean up 72 miles of water near the shores of Lake Tahoe. A forthcoming effort involves bringing out objects far too large for a diver to carry to shore.

2. @fatblackandgettinit

Nelson Holland, also known as “@fatblackandgettinit” on social media, is best known for his adventures in Colorado. Holland helps promote accessibility and body positivity in outdoor recreation, sharing its adventures and providing numerous recommendations along the way. His clever mix of humor and inspiration is worth checking out.

3. Dynamite Starfish

Climbers are silly, climbers have fun, climbers are… well, they are climbers, a unique breed of athlete who focuses more on petting dogs and eating snacks than competing against each other. Dynamite Starfish brand captures that side of climbing – the whimsical side – with merchandise that helps climbers express themselves on the rock. Whether you’re looking for fun content, inspiration, or a community of like-minded rock junkies, Dynamite Starfish is a brand that’s sure to continue to gain momentum in the outdoor recreation space.

4. Xavier Abdullahi

Xavier Abdullahi, also known as @daddyxclimbs on Instagram, is another face in the climbing community who is helping to make the sport of climbing more accessible to all. Those used to hitting the gym for a bouldering session are sure to find his clips fun and relatable, whether they’re toying with how difficult some types of holds are or how frustrating it can be to keep coming back to a given to fail route. Climbing is a learning experience that’s often filled with silly moments, and Xavier captures that.

5. Keith Paluso

When he’s not touring as the lead singer with a Grammy-winning band, Keith is often out in nature looking for birds. This environmental educator has a serious passion for educating people about different species in the air and choosing to use audible cues to locate and identify nearby animals. In addition to the teaching videos he posts on social media, he also leads retreats and hosts live streams. If you’re looking to develop a newfound passion for bird watching, join him on social media.

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