7 distinctive date concepts to strive, from pottery to mountaineering


Going out for dinner, for drinks or to the cinema are quite safe date activities, but what if you wanted to change things up a bit and try out some new activities?

Ethical jewelers Ingle & Rhode have found some experiences that would make an exciting date and don’t cost the earth.

A spokesperson for Ingle & Rhode said: “Going on unconventional dates can be really fun!

“Going with your partner is a great way to make new memories by trying new things together. There’s only so many dinner and drink dates you can go on together.

“A lot of the time these unconventional ideas are also really good for first dates too. You might think that you should be doing these with someone you’re closer to but actually they help ease any awkwardness.

“Focusing on an activity gives you lots to talk about and is a great way to open up conversations. And if the date doesn’t go great, at least you’ve spent some time doing something fun rather than just going out for dinner.”

What alternative date ideas are there?

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is an option for an alternative date (Canva)

Trying loads of different wines can be really fun. Wine tasting experiences often teach us all about different wines, the way they’re made and what food they’re best accompanied with.

Booking wine tasting in a beautiful location makes for a really great day out.

Take a cooking class

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur when it comes to the kitchen, cooking classes can be a great way to have fun and create some funny memories! Work together or separately and find out who’s the better cook in the relationship.

Go to a pottery class

Pottery is another fun way to challenge your partner. You could make something for each other or even something for your own home. If you’re going on a first date and all goes well, at least you’ll have a keepsake from this fun day out.

Rock climbing

You may not get a lot of time for talking but rock climbing can be a fun ice breaker activity if you’re going out with someone for the first time.

Rock climbing is another option (Canva)

Go to an escape room

If you both like a bit of a challenge why not go to an escape room? Work together to solve clues and puzzles to try to get out within the hour.

It could be a great way to build cooperation between the pair of you.

Take a painting class

Another great activity to get stuck into is a painting class. You don’t have to be an artist to attend one of these. Don’t take it too seriously, just go and have fun!

Visit an art gallery

Even if you’re not into art, there are plenty of galleries out there that aren’t too obscure. You don’t have to analyze the art, just simply take in its beauty and talk about your favorite pieces.