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97% of Wisconsin’s ICU beds full as COVID-19 instances preserve climbing


MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Wisconsin hospitals are filling fast as COVID-19 rises across the state at rates not seen since last year and they could soon reach the point where they may have to turn away some patients .

That was the message from Governor Tony Evers on Wednesday as he joined the state’s health officials in briefing on the state’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, according to health officials, 270 health facilities across the state have requested staff assistance, and the state has asked the federal government for reserve medical teams to provide assistance.

Both Evers and Secretary-Designate Karen Timberlake were quick to point out that there were few ICU and intermediate beds available across the state. The governor began his comments by noting that only 37 of the 1,331 ICU beds in all of Wisconsin were listed as immediately available and citing statistics from the Wisconsin Hospital Association.

These numbers mean that more than 97 percent of ICU beds are occupied. But that is still a little better than the intermediate care situation, where 98 percent of these beds (761 of 768) are not available.

region Type Immediately total
Fuchstal Intensive care unit 1 104
Intermediate supply 0 29
North-Central Intensive care unit 2 103
Intermediate supply 3 94
Northeast Intensive care unit 6th 207
Intermediate supply 0 33
northwest Intensive care unit 0 72
Intermediate supply 2 67
south central Intensive care unit 13th 260
Intermediate supply 4th 235
South east Intensive care unit fifteen 549
Intermediate supply 8th 278
Western film Intensive care unit 0 36
Intermediate supply 0 42
TOTAL Intensive care unit 37 1,331
Source: WHA Intermediate supply 17th 778

Almost 100,000 children vaccinated

During the press conference, Evers provided an initial glimpse into vaccination efforts for the youngest eligible age group in the state.

He revealed that “nearly 100,000 children” between the ages of 5 and 11 were vaccinated; however, he did not distinguish whether this figure only included those who were fully vaccinated or who received at least one dose.

So far, the Dept. of Health Services did not include this youngest cohort in its Wisconsin vaccination demographic breakdown.

In its latest update, DHS reported that just under 3.5 million people in Wisconsin received their first dose of the vaccine, while 3.3 million completed their streak and waited for the next two weeks to be considered fully vaccinated. These numbers do not show the 5-11 group, so it is unclear whether these cases count towards the total.

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