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A potpourri of tasks, plans and applications for Boise Parks and Recreation


COVID logs for parks and programs are still in place, but Boise Parks and Rec are expecting a more “normal” summer than last.

BOISE, Idaho – As the temperatures warm up and the area gets greener, it’s that time of year when more and more people get up from their couches and head out to enjoy their favorite getaways.

The city of Boise certainly has many gems to offer. The Parks and Recreation Department in Boise is working on a potpourri of projects, plans and programs for this spring and summer.

This summer, four outdoor pools with pandemic logs will open. These pools are Borah, Fairmont, Ivywild, and the Natatorium and Hydrotube pools. All pools were closed last year.

Eight city parks host a summer play camp for children with a capacity of 50% and existing protocols, including wearing masks.

The projects are repairing multiple sections of the Boise River Greenbelt.

Two brand new city parks are currently being built. One is in the heart of downtown on the 11th and Bannock. It hasn’t been named yet. Doug Holloway, director of parks and recreation for Boise, says construction should be completed by the end of May.

Bowler Park is under construction in Boise’s Surprise Valley. Holloway hopes the ribbon will be cut in the park sometime this summer.

Holloway expects the parks will look and feel a lot more normal this spring and summer than they did last year, but not quite what it was before the coronavirus.

“There’s a big difference. I think last year when summer started there was so much uncertainty in our community and we did things so differently,” said Holloway. “We just started reopening a few things in June and July but nothing was normal. I think when we move into this Spring and Summer ’21 there are a lot more things going to happen. Sure there are still many Safety protocols and restrictions on what we do, but there’s a lot more hope for things that look a lot more normal now this summer, which is really exciting to see and exciting to hear. “

Boise Parks and Rec is also working on plans for the rededication of the newly renovated Gene Harris Bandshell in Julia Davis Park. A man-made fire severely damaged it three years ago. Holloway says a tape cutting date will be announced soon.

The department is also building a new fountain in Ann Morrison Park. The nearly $ 1 million project should start soon and be completed by late summer or early fall, according to Holloway. He says it will be a floor-to-ceiling design and have interactive water features.

At the Viewpoint this Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. we will take a closer look at all of the plans and projects mentioned in this story, as well as a pilot project that will begin shortly to test new management strategies for trails in the Boise foothills The Impact of COVID- 19 on the leagues in town.

Softball is a breeze, but there won’t be any basketball in the league this summer. Holloway explains why on Viewpoint.