A Quick Thriller Hits Kickstarter Aim, Nonetheless Climbing


Perhaps best known for his television writing and Kevin Smith’s right-hand man on FatMan Beyond, television writer Marc Bernardin launched a Kickstarter campaign for the short film Splinter last week and quickly exceeded his target. Originally set with a target of $ 90,000, the short had already pledged over 1,500 supporters with over $ 160,000 and still had 24 days to go. “It’s been a roller coaster ride in many ways. It’s not been the easiest month in the past,” Bernardin told the latest FatMan Beyond. “For this to be the Wednesday I had, this kind of incredibly unprecedented outpouring of emotion, belief and support to come at a time when I needed it most, I couldn’t have planned it.”

“It had to be difficult not to cry at my desk, just watch the reaction and not give away those emotions at work,” added Bernardin. “The feedback from Twitter and the feedback from the comments and the feedback from Facebook, both from people I have known for years and from people I have never met, say how much they believed in me I have not really the right words. I needed it more than I knew I needed it. In order for it to manifest this way, it’s the end of one movie for someone else’s life and the beginning of this movie for me. “

Bernardin’s Kickstarter for Splinter: A Short Thriller describes the short film as follows: “Benjamin can’t really remember life before the plane. Really flashes. A carnival. His parents’ faces. The smell of McDonalds. But now, today His whole world is the size of a bespoke 747 that has been refurbished to comfortably accommodate him. And the crew that takes care of all of his needs … except one: his freedom. Because something is wrong with Benjamin. Something with him you can’t see anything with the naked eye. Something that doesn’t show up on any test. It’s not something he has asked about or has no control over. You see when his feet hit the ground it is like an infection is developing Spread. This infection triggers a response. Anger. Anger. Mania. Chaos. ‘

“Benjamin is a splinter in the world. And so he remains bound to the sky. Forever and forever. At least that was the plan. Until today.”

Several other familiar faces are also involved in Splinter, including Yetide Badaki (American Gods, These Are Us, The Mages), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Van Helsing, Lucifer), and Tiffany Smith (Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Supernatural, NCIS) : Los Angeles) and an original score by composer Bear McCreary of The Walking Dead. Check out the campaign for yourself by clicking here.


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