AAA Texas: Fuel value common retains climbing as crude oil costs stay increased | KLBK | KAMC


This file photo shows a fuel nozzle at a gas station. (Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

LUBBOCK, Texas – Retail gasoline prices continued to rise throughout the Lone Star State this week, according to a press release from AAA Texas.

The nationwide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel was reported on Saturday at $ 3.053 and has remained stable.

According to AAA Texas, drivers in El Paso paid the highest gasoline price average this week. The cheapest gas price on average was reported in Amarillo.

The Motor Club said Texas drivers paid the second lowest gasoline prices in the country on average for the past week.

“Refilling an average-sized tank costs $ 17 more than it was last year,” said Daniel Armbruster, spokesman for AAA Texas. “There are a lot of market forces suggesting that pump prices could stay at this level for a few more weeks. However, market analysts have noted a surprising surge in national oil supplies that could provide some relief as we approach Thanksgiving travel time. “

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel was reported at $ 3.401 on Saturday and remained stable.

According to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gasoline demand in the US has fallen by around three percent compared to the previous week, but remains higher than at the end of October 2020.

Regional fuel shipments were down slightly and the refinery utilization on the Gulf Coast was up from the previous week.

Crude oil prices remain the main reason that prices at the pump do not go down.

In Lubbock, AAA Texas reported that the average retail price on Sunday was $ 2.951. reported an average retail price of $ 2.94 here in Hub City. The website also noted that normal unleaded gasoline prices of just $ 2.77 per gallon could be found on propulsion systems.