Abercrombie Caves closed till June after heavy rains harm tenting grounds and bridges | Blayney Chronicle



Significant flooding has resulted in the closure of show caves and camping grounds at both Wombeyan Caves and Abercrombie Caves.

The closures follow a deluge of heavy rain on the weekend at both sites.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) staff are currently assessing the damage at each area.

The closures include all caves at Wombeyan, the camping area, cabins and dormitories.

All caves at Abercrombie are also closed, as is the Abercrombie camping area, Arch Cottage and the Groves Creek falls and Mt Gray Walking tracks.

“The flooding at Abercrombie, which is in the state’s central-west, was particularly bad,” NPWS Area Manager Angela Lonergan said.

“Judging by the water height, it is the worst flooding in 70 years. The pedestrian bridge across the creek was damaged by the flood waters removing some of the decking.”

“Electrical cables for automatic lighting systems inside the cave have been washed away at Abercrombie.”

“At Wombeyan, several lightning strikes may have damaged power cables and there is a build-up of flood debris in the Victoria Arch.”

“Both sites have damaged sections of track and debris on walking tracks and viewing platforms.”

Ms Lonergan said campers were stranded at Abercrombie by the rising creek and were helped by NPWS to evacuated when the water receded on Monday.

“The areas will be re-opened to the public as soon as they are safe,” NPWS Area Manager Angela Lonergan said.

Currently Abercrombie Caves is closed until 4 June 2022 and Wombeyan Caves is closed until 25 February to allow flood recovery works to occur.

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