Academy Sports activities and Outside is the highest sporting items retail inventory at Oppenheimer


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Oppenheimer charged Academy Sports and Outdoors (NASDAQ:ASO) according to the retailer’s estimates with its Q4 earnings report and gave a solid forecast for the current year.

Analyst Brian Nagel and his team reiterated an outperform rating for ASO after saying they were very optimistic about the better-than-expected results.

“Under the leadership of the new top management, ASO’s business model has been repositioned and significantly strengthened in recent quarters. The latest results reflect the benefits of ASO’s internal efforts in sporting goods retail, supported by still significant tailwinds. We are increasingly optimistic that ASO is still in the early stages of structural improvement, and believe the stock is grossly underestimating Academy’s now much stronger sales and earnings potential.”

After scouring the entire sporting goods retail industry, Oppenheimer named Academy Sports and Outdoors (ASO) his preferred investment strategy.

Academy Sports and Outdoors (ASO) shares rose 0.87% premarket at $39.51. Oppenheimer has a $50 target price on the stock.

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