Acevolt Advocating Eco-friendly Tenting Travels with Inexperienced Lifepo4 Battery Campower


AceVolt is committed to eco-friendly camping trips with green LiFePO4 battery Campower.

The planet is in danger; Environmental problems caused by alarming CO2 emissions and careless plastic waste are getting worse by the day. In the face of such dire circumstances, California-based outdoor gear brand AceVolt encourages campers to choose eco-friendly camping trips with the help of “green,” non-toxic resources and tools.

The company has developed a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, battery-powered, portable LiFePO4 power station, Campower, to provide clean and environmentally friendly camping power.

In an exclusive interview, AceVolt’s Chief Product Officer, Chris, noted that plastic pollution and conventional electricity generated from fossil fuels are two of the main causes of today’s increase in CO2 emissions. Rising carbon dioxide emissions lead to dangerous greenhouse gas emissions that ultimately endanger the planet and its inhabitants.

To combat the problem, people in all walks of life, including camping, need to take proactive “green” action. And the eco-friendly AceVolt Campower has been carefully designed to help campers create eco-friendly camping holidays.

Chrissaid AceVolt’s Chief Product Officer:

With environmental problems getting worse than ever, it’s time for every camper to practice and promote eco-friendly camping trips.

“One of the first things a camper should throw away to ensure a green camping lifestyle is plastic tableware. Single-use plastic is one of the most dangerous pollutants that harms the earth and also the sea creatures.”

“By ditching plastic and switching to eco-friendly tableware like areca leaf or bamboo plates, we can reduce plastic landfill waste and conserve marine life,” said Chris.

Speaking further, he stressed that they strategically used the LiFePO4 battery for their Campower portable power station because of its eco-friendly composition.

Supported by the LiFePO4 battery, the AceVolt Campower also reduces waste in the environment. That’s because the state-of-the-art lithium battery promises more than 2,500 charge cycles (compared to just 500 Li-Ion batteries), making it possible to ensure a long product life for Campower and therefore less waste.


It’s time to adopt an eco-friendly camping lifestyle to protect the planet. Green camping can be achieved by not using plastic dishes, removing litter from campsites, and using eco-friendly portable camping power stations like AceVolt Campower.

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AceVolt Endorses Green Camping Travel With Green LiFePO4 Battery Campower, CARSON CITY, Nev., Sept. 23, 2022