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By Staff Sgt.Seth Stang, USAFA Public Affairs

/ Published June 01, 2021


The coronavirus pandemic crippled many services at the Air Force Academy, but didn’t stop the 10th Force Support Squadron’s outdoor recreation office.

Many services at the base almost came to a standstill in the first days of the pandemic, but OutdoorRec staff continued to offer numerous activities to thousands of customers.

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, OutdoorRec employees created socially distant adventure trips, adjusted their trailer rental plan to reduce customer interaction, and hosted “stays” where customers would have national parks closed to the public against the Peregrine Pines Family Camp could exchange.

“We will continue the ‘Staycations’ as it has been very well received by those who do not have a vehicle to tow a trailer or are uncomfortable,” said Charles Alfultis, Director of Outdoor Rec.

According to Alfutis, some changes in customer service have been so successful that they are here to stay

“We will continue to set pick-up and drop-off times for customers who want to rent trailers,” he said. “It helps customers maintain social distance and helps employees provide better customer service because they don’t have multiple customers to help out at the same time,” he said.

The same applies to the “common rooms”.

OutdoorRec’s summer activities also include white water rafting, climbing and cycling.

“Staying in Colorado gives us the opportunity to do a variety of activities year round,” said Alfultis.

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