Alps – to go?!


Through global warming, our rampant consumption, unsustainable tourism and our own expectations, the Alps are threatend. Check out the documentary ALPS – TO GO?!, written by Tom Dauer.

The Alps are a place of longing. Wild, untouched, sublime – but only in our heads. Humans have been shaping and changing the Alps since time immemorial. What we see is what we have created over centuries. Nevertheless, we still tend to believe that the Alps are a counterworld. Because we wish to see them that way, we never stop reinventing their myths. Today we are at a point where we are doing more harm than good. We are in the process of destroying what we love and need. And we know that. The Alps are part of us and we are part of them. We have to take responsibility if we wish to save them. We all have to ask ourselves: “what can I do?”. More and more people are looking to the Alps as a resonant space of possible experiences. This exponential growth leads, without a doubt to conflicts of all sorts.


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