Amazon Buyers Love This Rechargeable Tenting Fan


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The Tesoky-YE Camping Fan is a versatile outdoor accessory that should cool you down while you enjoy nature. It also includes an LED light with three levels of brightness so you can use this fan as a camping night light too. With a high-quality, rechargeable lithium battery, you can use this fan for between six and 25 hours at a time, depending on the wind speed. It has three wind speed levels that you can control either with buttons directly on the fan or with a remote control. There are also several ways to set up this fan as it comes with a stand and hook that you can use to hang it on your tent or even on a branch.

The fan also includes a power bank that you can use to charge your cellphone, laptop, or other devices on the go, making it a real travel must-have. And weighing in at just under a pound, it’s a compact, lightweight addition to your camping gear that doesn’t add bulk to your luggage.

Amazon buyers agree that this fan is essential for camping enthusiasts. “I just got back from a nine day camping trip that included the hottest day in Oregon history and the fan has been such a blessing,” wrote one reviewer. “The comfort of snuggling up and turning the light off and on with the remote control cannot be emphasized enough! Only had to charge once while driving. “

Another reviewer praised the impressive airflow and battery life. “It was super quiet and gave excellent airflow. The fan stayed on all night into the morning on a charge.” to keep that sub $ 30 portable fan by your side all summer.


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