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LOWVILLE — A free outdoor recreation day will be held at the Lowville Forestry Demonstration Area on Saturday.

Get Outdoors and Get Together Day — hosted jointly by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Friends of Otter Creek Horse Trail volunteer group — will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the demonstration area, 7327 State Route 812, Lowville.

The event is an attempt to bring together people of all ages, of different abilities and backgrounds, to become aware of the public lands to which they are entitled, according to the press release accompanying the event.

Family-friendly activities that are available throughout the day and are handicapped accessible include fishing, archery, and a wheelchair-accessible trail, as well as educational activities that are safe and accessible to everyone, such as: B. Camping and campfire cooking demonstration, water safety talk and nature walk.

There will also be a children’s storybook walk.

Fishing and archery equipment will be available, but event attendees are invited to bring their own favorite rods and lures.

Although the Friends of Otter Creek — a group that acts as stewards for the DEC’s Otter Creek Horse Trail system in the towns of Grieg and Watson — will not have horses at the event. The members receive an information table about the bridle path and their work.

Individuals visiting state lands are encouraged to practice the “leave no trace” principles by leaving nothing behind, including trash, and to be safe in choosing their recreation spot based on their level of experience and weather conditions.

For questions or more information, please contact Andrea Mercurio, Forester, Bureau of Forest Resource Management at 315-376-3521 or email [email protected]

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