Anak Verhoeven’s Journey Of Life, Household And Religion


Portrait of champion climber Anak Verhoeven, from the sixth season of La Sportiva Living Legends.

A European Climbing Champion, World Cup and World Games winner, 7 x Belgian Champion, the first woman to make the first ascent of a 9a+ sport route: these are the accolades any climber would be proud of. But far from being the product of a national climbing system, the success of Belgium’s Anak Verhoeven is founded in something that she still maintains to this day, family.

When no coach was available for her as a junior climber, it was her parents, Wim and Patti who stepped up and became her coaches, managers and drivers, and they were and continue to be a huge foundation to her success. Previously as a competition climber, and nowadays as one of the strongest female rock climbers in the world. The sixth season of the La Sportiva Living Legends explores the Verhoeven’s inspirational story

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