Andrea Lanfri, Luca Montanari summit Everest


At 05:40 local time the paralympic athlete Andrea Lanfri and his mountain guide Luca Montanari reached the summit of Everest. Both are currently resting at Camp 4 at the South Col

At 05:40 local time Italian paralympic mountaineer Andrea Lanfri reached the summit of Everest with mountain guide Luca Montanari. Currently there are no precise details about the ascent, apart from the fact that conditions were excellent and that the two are currently resting at Camp 4 on the South Col. Lanfri, who in 2015 had lost both legs and seven fingers following a fulminant meningitis with meningococcal sepsis, is understandably ecstatic about his summit success.

In an interview with prior to heading off to Nepal, Lanfri had explained that the summit would represent “the culmination of a dream and the tangible and practical demonstration of what I have always thought. Prove to myself and everyone that in the end you can always start anew and follow your dreams.”

Details will follow once the climbers are safely back at base camp.

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