AOA’s Seolhyun Talks About Her Private YouTube Channel, Curiosity In Indoor Climbing, And Extra


AOA’s Seolhyun looks lively and energetic in her new November illustrated book for Marie Claire magazine!

In the interview after the photo shoot, Seolhyun spoke on her personal YouTube channel Brilliantly by Seolhyun. She revealed that even though she has no skills in filming and editing, she still does it herself because she wants to show her true self from her everyday life rather than from her life as an actress or actress.

Seolhyun also spoke about her recent obsession with indoor climbing and the sense of achievement she feels after solving any problem. The artist shared: “Indoor climbing has many rules. So when I can’t solve a problem, I keep thinking about how to solve it, even when I’m at home. “

When asked what makes Seolhyun happiest these days, Solhyun finally replied that happiness is a habit in the end, so she is constantly looking for a reason to be happy while trying to find happiness in the little things.

In early October, it was reported that Seolhyun is currently in talks to star alongside Lee Kwang Soo in an upcoming drama.

In the meantime, watch Seolhyun in her previous drama “Awaken”:

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