Apprentice rolled automotive on Perthshire highway looking for pockets in tenting journey


An apprentice surveyor rolled his friend’s car on the roof while searching for his lost wallet on an unfortunate camping trip.

21-year-old Jake McCreadie was standing next to the upturned car when police arrived and found that he had exceeded the limit for driving with drinks.

Sheriff Neil Bowie banned McCreadie from driving for 12 months and fined him £ 800 when he appeared at the Perth Sheriff Court.

The sheriff said, “This was extremely reckless behavior and I was told that it was very atypical of you.

“The reason you took this vehicle was nonsensical and you crashed as a result of your poisoning.

“It is lucky that no other road user was affected by your driving history.”

Whitburn’s McCreadie admitted driving on the A85 Comrie to St Fillans Road in Perthshire on August 1st while over the limit and without insurance.

The fateful camping trip was canceled

Treasury Secretary Lisa Marshall told the court that McCreadie and three friends from the Bathgate area had taken a camping trip to Loch Earn to celebrate the easing of the lockdown.

The weather turned bad, however, and the group decided to give up camping and instead book a hotel in Comrie – about seven miles away – for the night.

She said: “You were in the hotel bar and consumed alcohol.

“Over the next few hours, he managed to lose his wallet.

“His search for the wallet was unsuccessful, so he started harassing his friend for his car keys so he could keep looking for his lost wallet.

“He was told it would not be in the vehicle because he had not been in the vehicle that day.

“His friend eventually gave him the keys to look, but was told not to even think about driving back to Loch Earn to look for his wallet.

“He then drove off in the car.

“Another road user came across the car that had crashed on the roof, blocking the road, and the defendant who was standing next to the vehicle.

“Fortunately, the defendant was uninjured except for a scratch on his nose.

“He was taken to the hospital.”

“Embarrassed, embarrassed and repentant”

McCreadie’s attorney told the court, “It’s fair to call this completely atypical.

“This was the first time he and his friends were gone when the lockdown was released.

“The weather was getting closer and they took refuge in a hotel.

“The defendant did not have a car and had no intention of driving.

“He lost his wallet, panic broke out, and he made the risky and stupid decision to drive the vehicle. It is one thing that he very much regrets.

“He made a very stupid decision.

“He’s embarrassed, embarrassed, and remorseful.

“He’s a quantity takeoff apprentice from Napier University and a hard-working young man.”


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