Arkansas Four-H presents 2 camps to introduce children to in a single day tenting — with mum or dad or guardian


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Arkansas youth have still been able to enjoy traditional summer camp activities like canoeing and fishing, as well as nature views, despite the pandemic. Masks, social distancing and sanitizer were the mainstays during Arkansas Outdoor School Adventure Day camps. (U of A System Division of Agriculture photo by Mary Hightower)

FERNDALE, Ark. – The Arkansas 4-H program offers three-day camps designed to introduce children ages 5 and up to the joys of camping – along with their parents or guardians.

These camps are open to both Arkansas 4-H members and non-members:

  • State Camp with two sessions on July 7-9 and July 10-12.
  • Cloverbud Artisan Camp scheduled for July 17-19.
  • Artisan Camp for youth only, planned from July 20th to 22nd.

In 4-H parlance, Cloverbuds are juveniles aged 5-8 years.

“Cloverbud camps are a great way to introduce kids to overnight camp because they will have a parent or guardian with them at all times,” said 4-H camping coordinator Creenna Bocksnick. “All of these camps include the activities that campers have enjoyed for decades, like fishing, canoeing and campfires.”

State camp accommodates youth up to 15 years old, but campers are divided by age groups. Cloverbud Artisan Camp is for youth aged 5-8 years only. The artisan camp includes activities such as woodworking, candle and soap making, and photography. Families can go home with finished products to display at their county fair or even use as a starting point for a small business.

The registration deadline for both camps is June 1st. State camp fees are $125 for 4-H youth members, $225 for 4-H adults, and $300 for non-member youth and adults.

Cloverbud Artisan Camp fees are $150 for 4-H youth, $250 for 4-H parents, or $400 for non-member youth and adults.

4-H is also hosting a third camp, which no parents or guardians attend, Artisan Camp on July 20-22 for 9-19 year olds. Registration closes on June 1st. The fee for 4-H members is $150 and $400 for non-members.

To learn more about 4-H camps, visit

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