Arkansas fuel costs carry on climbing


LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Another day, another hike as Arkansas gas prices continue to rise and set a new record for Thursday.

AAA Reports Arkansas gasoline now averages $4.49 a gallon, down from $4.48 yesterday. This is a steady uptrend starting with Monday’s $4.40 and Tuesday’s $4.45 a gallon. Every day was the highest price ever. Gasoline was $3.93 a month ago.

Diesel has the same rise, at $5.29 today after $5.28 yesterday, up from $5.26 on Tuesday. This comes very close to the highest-ever diesel price of $5.30 set on May 11.

Arkansas gasoline averaged $2.73 a gallon a year ago, with diesel at $3.04.

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National gas prices are following the same trend, at $4.97 a gallon for Thursday, still higher than the Arkansas average of $4.49. As in the past, California has the highest price at $6.40 a gallon versus yesterday’s $6.39.

California diesel, like yesterday, is at an all-time high for the state at 6.96 gallons. The lowest gas price is $4.41 in Georgia, a sizeable jump from yesterday’s $4.38, while diesel is $5.51 there.

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Regionally, Little Rock costs an average of $4.45 and $5.20 for gas and diesel fuel, respectively. Pine Bluff costs $4.51 for gas and $5.26 for diesel. Hot Springs is $4.48 a gallon while diesel is still $5.27 from yesterday. In all cases these are the highest ever for gasoline. Little Rock and Pine Bluff both have diesel below May’s record prices.

In Europe, a number of cars were converted for use during World War II wood as fuel instead of gasoline, due to shortages. Wood-fired cars work where the wood is superheated to create a combustible gas. In the very early 20th century, the same process was used to power streetlights.

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