As Ladakh Protests Over Rights, Omar Is Tenting In Kargil


through Yavar Hussain

SRINAGAR: As Ladakh’s Cold Desert Union Territory (UT) prepares for a protest for statehood, additional parliamentary seats and the protection of Schedule 6, Vice President of the National Conference Omar Abdullah landed in Kargil on Monday, apparently surrounding the region for statehood to support .

By the way, Junior Abdullah’s visit took place on the founding day of the Union Territory for Ladakh.

NC Vice President Omar Abdullah speaking at the workers’ rally in Bandipora on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Earlier last week, the Kargil Democratic Alliance – a coalition of various political and religious parties – along with the Apex Body – a coalition of Leh’s socio-religious and political parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party unit – announced a protest for November 2 Statehood for the region, a legislature, more seats in Parliament and safeguards under Schedule 6 of the Indian Constitution.

Abdullah, who accused the Ladakh lieutenant governor’s government of denying him access to Dak Bangalow and using a microphone system at a party meeting, said his party would have been happy if the people of Ladakh had been happy with the Union Territory status.

“The people of Leh are facing the brunt of what happened on August 5th more than the people of Kargil because the bureaucrats are running everything. At least in Kargil, the chief executive of the Hill Development Council doesn’t have the day-to-day meddling of bureaucracy,” Abdullah said.

He said everyone is going to the lieutenant governor and chief secretary instead of the chief executive councilor of the Leh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC). “Only people who are interested in drinking tea go to the LHDC office.”

Kargil and Leh leaders held a joint press conference in August 2021. They demand a full state

The KDA and Apex Body jointly protested the enforcement of their demands in a press conference on November 2nd. Former Jammu and Kashmir Assembly lawmaker and KDA leader Asgar Karbalaie said the Indian government thought the KDA and Apex body had forgotten their four-point agenda, but today’s announcement of a protest would give them the answer give.

The KDA and Apex Body created a core group that would formulate the future strategy for achieving the four point requirements. Tsering Dorjay and Nasir Munshi would be the conveners of the core committee while Thupstan Chhewang, Padma Stanzin, Thinles Angmo, Qamar Ali Akhoon, Sajjad Kargali and Asgar Karbalaie would be the members.

“The protests are intensifying across Ladakh and this will make it clear to the Indian government that the people of Ladakh will not rest until their demands are met,” Karbalaie said, adding that people’s mobilization continues.

A long procession of Leh residents seeking protection against the constitution. file photo

The protest for more powers for Ladakh after August 5 began with the two local factions joining forces in August 2021 in their fight for “meaningful autonomy” for Ladakh.

Later, it was the KDA and Apex that resolved a more than half-century-old controversy surrounding Leh’s claim to build a Buddhist monastery (gompa) on land in the town of Kargil that had been allocated in 1969 for residential and commercial use by Leh Buddhists became.

On September 3, Kargil agreed to allocate additional land outside the capital for the construction of the monastery.

Karbalaie referenced the controversy in the press conference, claiming it was raised to create a wedge between the regions that failed “miserably”.

Meanwhile, amid the protests, Abdullah’s visit has further heated up the frigid desert region.

Tashi Gyalson, Chief Executive Councilor LAHDC-Leh, presided over the celebrations of the founding day of the Union Territory of Ladakh and paid tribute to the late 19th century Buddhist Lama Kushok Bakula Rinpoche.

“The Status of a Union Territory [for Ladakh] was the dream of Rinpoche and the dream was finally realized in 2019 with the support of the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I appeal to my people to come forward and join us in taking Ladakh forward in this new journey. Today is the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary of independent India. As the nation celebrates this day as National Unity Day, we must thank Sardar Patel for all the work he has done in integrating India,” Gyalson said.

Earlier, the BJP Ladakh unit “condemned” Abdullah’s visit to the region on the day of the UT celebrations.