Axelle Gachet-Mollaret, Robert Antonioli win the 2021 Ski Mountaineering World Cup


The last stage of the 2021 Ski Mountaineering World Cup was won last weekend at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy by Axelle Gachet-Mollaret and Matteo Eydallin. The Frenchwoman and Robert Antonioli won the overall World Cup 2021.

Madonna di Campiglio and the Brenta Dolomites hosted the final stage of the ski mountaineering World Cup 2021 and all the best skialpers in the Senior, Under 23 and Junior categories battled it out for the crystal spheres in the disciplines Sprint, Vertical and Individual .

On Thursday the last Sprint of the season was won by 22-year-old Swissman Arno Lietha and the Slovakias Marianna Jagercikova, while Sitzerland’s Marianne Fatton and Lietha won the overall ranking. On Friday morning the Vertical Race was dominated on Monte Spinale by Frenchwoman Axelle Gachet-Mollaret and, for the first time in his career, by 23-year-old Belgian Maximilien Drion Du Chapois. Sixth place was enough for France’s Thibault Anselmet to secure the overall Vertical title, and he shared the top podium with Gachet-Mollaret who won all 3 competitions this season.

After a well-deserved rest on Saturday, on Sunday morning the Individual race promised to be a heart-stopping finale seeing that only 2 points separated Robert Antonioli from Thibault Anselmet. At the end of the 13.5 km, 1670+ course across the slopes of Monte Spinale, it was Matteo Eydallin who checked in first with time of 1:23:36, followed 52 seconds later by teammate Davide Magnini. Third place was won by Nadir Maguet who sprinted ahead of Michele Boscacci. France’s William Bon Mardion finished fifth, 3:39 after the winner, while Robert Antonioli placed sixth to win his fourth World Cup title – and third in a row – while Anselmet managed to do no better than conclude his race in twentieth place.

The women’s event, battled out across 12 km a 1458+ vertical gain, was won by Axelle Gachet Mollaret who finished after 1:33:23, just 24 seconds ahead of Alba De Silvestro. Former orienteer Tove Alexandersson from Sweden placed third. Gachet Mollaret won the overall title with 836 points, ahead of Alexandersson who was heavily penalized for erroneously not having taken part in the Sprint awards and, consequently, effectively losing the overall Cup. It’s worth noting that the Swiss team did not take part in the last individual race, having been disqualified on the eve of the last act by the ISMF for non-compliance with the anti Covid-19 protocol.

Senior Women: 1. Marianna Jagercikova (SVK) 2. Mara Martini (ITA) 3. Marianne Fatton (SUI)
U23 Women: 1. Giulia Murada (ITA) 2. Manon Anselmet (FRA) 3. Marie Pollet-Villard (FRA)
Senior Men: 1. Arno Lietha (SUI) 2. Nicolò Ernesto Canclini (ITA) 3. Thibault Anselmet (FRA)
U23 Men: 1. Arno Lietha (SUI) 2. Giovanni Rossi (ITA) 3. Pau Coll Turrà (ESP)

Senior Women: 1. Axelle Gachet-Mollaret (FRA) 2. Victoria Kreuzer (SUI) 3. Alba De Silvestro (ITA)
U23 Women: 1. Giulia Murada (ITA) 2. Giorgia Felicetti (ITA) 3. Marie Pollet-Villard (FRA)
U20 Women: 1. Antonia Niedermaier (GER) 2. Samantha Bertolina (ITA) 3. Grace Staberg (USA)
Senior Men: 1. Maximilien Drion Du Chapois (BEL) 2. Davide Magnini (ITA) 3. Werner Marti (SUI)
U23 Men: 1. Andrea Prandi (ITA) 2. Julien Bernaz (FRA) 3. Julien Ançay (SUI)
U20 Men: 1. Paul Verbnjak (AUT) 2. Matteo Sostizzo (ITA) 3. Thomas Bussard (SUI)

Senior Women: 1. Axelle-Gachet Mollaret (FRA) 2. Alba De Silvestro (ITA) 3.Tove Alexandersson (SWE)
U23 Women: 1. Giulia Murada (ITA) 2. Marie Pollet-Villard (FRA) 3. Giorgia Felicetti (ITA)
U20 Women: 1. Samantha Bertolina (ITA) 2. Lisa Moreschini (ITA) 3. Grace Staberg (USA)
Senior Men: 1. Matteo Eydallin (ITA) 2. Davide Magnini (ITA) 3. Nadir Maguet (ITA)
U23 Men: 1. Andrea Prandi (ITA) 2. David Sambale (GER) 3. Mirko Sanelli (ITA)
U20 Men: 1. Paul Verbnjak (AUT) 2. Albert Pérez Anglès (ESP) 3. Andreas Mayer (AUT)


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