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Summer is coming to an end, but the AZ Ontrack Summer Camp mission is not over yet. Parents have another opportunity to introduce their children to math, reading, and American civics The Ontrack Parent’s Guide Launched in collaboration with the Governor’s Office and the Arizona Science Center. Packed with educational resources, games, activities and more, the guide prepares students for the school year in an engaging way.

“This summer has been great for our kids from all backgrounds,” said Lisa Graham Keegan, Chair of AZ Ontrack Summer Camp. “They were with their friends, studying with their teachers and having fun. Now parents can take this productive learning environment home with them. The AZ Ontrack Parent’s Guide is a great resource for parents and their children to enjoy learning together and lead to even better results. We are grateful to be partnering with the Arizona Science Center here, which will bring additional benefits to our children.”

It will not “catch up” in a summer camp or even a school year. That’s why the AZ Ontrack Parent Resource Guide can be helpful for families moving into the fall semester to include kids real learning experiences Again. when there are children have funIt lays a great foundation for learning.

“We are excited to be working with Gov. Ducey’s team to provide additional support to children and families through Ez OnTrack, as many Arizona families have tried over the years,” said Hazel of the Arizona Science Center. a. said Hares President and CEO Guy Labin. “Through this combined effort, we can reach more children and families in more communities and help make this year as successful as possible.”

The guide provides opportunities for families to join strong learning activities Working together – this has been proven to lead to greater educational success. From creating a nature journal dig Cookies, Chocolate Chip “Fossils” of parents, caregivers and other caring adults find unique ways to prepare students for learning and engagement in school.

There is also an opportunity for families to further expand students’ education through the Arizona Science Center’s STEM and educational facilities.

Families who complete the On Track, Ready to Be Back scavenger hunt at the end of the guide may qualify for Arizona Science Center membership on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who download the guide may qualify for the Science Center ticket.

Available in English, Spanish, and Dine, the guide provides resources for any Arizona child to regain their love of learning.

With over 800 camping experiences statewide, AZ Ontrack is getting kids and excited ones ready for the fall semester.

Though Arizona has made keeping classrooms open during the pandemic a priority, valuable educational and social development opportunities have undoubtedly been hampered. AZ Ontrack provided a fun environment for students to socialize with their peers, keep themselves busy, and hold on to their studies.

Campers celebrated Dinosaur Day, which was part of their daily STEM activities, while attending an Ontrack summer camp at the Dysart Community Center. Children could dig up fossils and learn about different types of dinosaurs.

The Phoenix Boys Choir’s Music Is My Superpower camp combines reading and English Language Arts (ELA) skills with music. While getting into the rhythm of brainstorming and writing poetry, the campers also learned tunes and played drums.

There’s a reason AZ is called Ontrack Summertime warehouse no longer school, For many students, summer school may be free, but it’s usually for credit restoration or an opportunity to move on to the next class. Many public schools offer adventure-style camps, but they often charge fees for these experiences out of necessity. Ontrack Arizona brings together the best of both worlds—math, reading, and a little stamping—for families.

Download the AZ Ontrack resource guide for parents here,