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SKOKIE, Ill .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nov. September 2021–

Azul 3D, a leading 3D printing company, has partnered with Wilson Sporting Goods, a leading supplier of sporting goods, to create two new 3D printed pickleball racket designs that will change the way the sport is played .

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Azul 3D has partnered with Wilson Sporting Goods to create two new 3D printed pickleball racket designs that will change the way the sport is played. (Photo: Business Wire)

The two paddles – the Quiet Paddle, which significantly reduces the noise of ball hits, and the Custom Core Paddle, which can be completely customized to a player’s needs – represent a change in paddle design and in the way products are complete with additive can be rethought manufacturing.

The Quiet Paddle solves a major problem in sport – the loud knocking that many pickleball bats make when they hit a ball. Azul 3D and Wilson worked together to create a 3D printed paddle made from a real 3D grid, specifically designed to remove the frequencies that resonate many hits across the pitch, compared to 2D honeycomb cores that for the aerospace industry.

The Custom Core Paddle takes a traditional pickleball paddle and makes it fully customizable with its grid cores that can be printed with different shapes and densities depending on the player’s needs. Such design shifts can reduce dead centers or increase stroke in certain areas of the paddle.

Both paddles are made with Azul 3D’s proprietary materials using the company’s High-Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology. The technology, a proprietary version of stereolithographic printing – a type of 3D printing that uses ultraviolet light to convert liquid plastic into solid objects – can print vertically at high speeds and over much larger print areas than current commercial 3D printers.

“Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America,” said Bob Thurman, Wilson Labs VP of Wilson Sporting Goods. “We were thrilled to work with Azul 3D to give our customers a better paddle and pickleball experience. We look forward to bringing this paddle to market. “

“We work with companies as a full-stack solution, from material selection and design to implementation in their factories,” said Cody Petersen, CEO of Azul 3D. “Not only did we work with Wilson to develop a better pickleball paddle – our materials and technology allowed us to completely rethink the design of the paddle.”

The paddles were printed on the company’s flagship product, the LAKE 3D printer, which offers unparalleled throughput and speed and prints with the company’s wide range of proprietary industrial materials.

The collaboration also represents a true local partnership – both companies are based in Chicago. Because the entire paddle is printed with HARP technology, the number of parts required is reduced from five to one, eliminating supply chain issues that plagued manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Azul 3D is taking a limited number of pre-orders for its LAKE printer. When your company is ready to find out how to reimagine manufacturing, contact Tuan TranPham at [email protected]


Azul 3DTM is a leading 3D printing company that is transforming the additive manufacturing industry. Originally invented and developed at Northwestern University, HARP TM technology can print 3D structures from a wide range of materials. The first HARP ™ -based printers are capable of producing parts regardless of size at production speed, with a throughput that clearly outperforms the competition and becomes competitive with injection molding. Azul 3D TM enables manufacturers to move from prototype to mass production on a single, optimized production platform. Combined with its proprietary industrial grade materials, it offers the opportunity for just-in-time mass production of a wide variety of highly customized products.

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