Babushaan Urges Scribes, Followers Tenting Exterior His Residence To Return Residence


Bhubaneswar: Ollywood actor Babushaan Mohanty emerged before the media again on Thursday night, urging journalists and fans who were camping outside his home to return to their homes. He also said he would only tell the media after the police questioning.

Earlier today, the actress and her mother appeared in front of the media from the balcony of their home. While Babushaan told the media that he “will say the right thing at the right moment,” his mother, veteran actress Aparajita Mohanty, said Babushaan was not doing well and there was nothing he could say to the media, but in the next two or three years Days, he will tell everything.

However, media workers and many other fans waited in front of the actor’s residence until late at night.

Seeing this, Babushaan came out of the house and said his health was fine. He was also worried about seeing the media and fans waiting outside his house for a long time and urged everyone to return to their homes.

When asked when he would go to the police station, Babushaan said he would go to the police station very soon. Though he didn’t mention when he would appear before police, he said he would as soon as he recovered and assured the media he would answer any questions they may have.

While speaking with the scribes outside his residence, Babushaan said, “I remain peacefully with my family and my son will come to me soon.”