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Baseball sized hail does harm at Hart Ranch Tenting Resort


RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) – A severe storm hit the Black Hills last night producing lots of lightning, high winds and some hail. Although the storm system is over, its damage is only just beginning to be assessed.

Hart Ranch Camping Resort just south of Rapid City took the brunt of last night’s storm, when baseball-sized hail rained down from the sky, destroying tree branches, skylights, and even car windows. The manager of the Hart Ranch Camping Resort, Tim Schnabel, can confirm the saying: “Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with.”

“It hit a bit after 7pm and without much warning it just seemed to hit hard and I mean, it wasn’t long before the biggest hail came right away and that was tennis ball and baseball size, a lot of hail the size of golf balls,” Schnabel said.

Camper, James Weeks says he and his wife were shocked to hear loud thuds in front of their camper but it wasn’t us. “

Caught in the middle of a violent storm, Weeks adds, “The bathroom vent actually broke, so water came down and, luckily, was right over the shower, no indoor water damage, some people did.”

Schnabel says this is proof that hail insurance is useful in South Dakota: “The last time it was this bad here, it was around 2011 when some really significant damage came through, so we had a 10 year -Operation without this significant damage, but we live in hail allies so it’s only a matter of time before it gets through.

Everyone we spoke to said they were grateful that only material things were damaged and that they were grateful that no one was hurt.

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