Beachwood negotiating sponsorship of out of doors Health Court docket coming subsequent spring


BEACHWOOD, Ohio – The city is negotiating with a health and fitness company to sponsor its fitness court, due to be installed in City Park East on Richmond Road next spring.

Community Services director Derek Schroeder said the city and the unnamed prospective sponsor are discussing a deal whereby the sponsor would pay the city $ 55,000 a year for every two years to display its signs on the court and in the park to attach.

The sponsor would also have an option for a third year at this price. If that deal goes through, Schroeder said, the sponsor would pay nearly a fifth of the project’s $ 600,000 budget.

The city has already received a grant of US $ 125,000 for the fitness court.

The council approved the budget for the project in June.

Alderman Eric Synenberg brought the idea for the fitness court to the council after seeing one in a park in San Francisco. Called the “world’s best outdoor gym” by its manufacturer, it integrates seven movements into an outdoor bodyweight circuit training system.

In addition to the fitness court, the city is planning further outdoor training equipment, a pavilion and toilets next to the court. The items will be installed next to the Barkwood Dog Park. Included is the addition of parking on the property that Barkwood serves.

Schroeder spoke about the potential funding during the city council’s leisure and community services committee meeting on Monday (Nov. 1).

“All the equipment is here, located in the service department (garage), (and) the work of art was selected for the (fitness court) wall,” Schroeder told the committee.

Schroeder said to the sponsor: “We sold this because we don’t just want to have a name. We do fitness classes. Maybe they can have an instructor or nutrition seminar once a week at a specific time – quite a few, so it’s more than just putting a logo out there.

“That (putting up signs) is great for them, but they want (also) to talk to people. You want to meet the residents, get to know the users. “

The city is not required to work with a sponsor who is the highest bidder.

“It has to be a relationship with which I feel comfortable,” said Schroeder about the sponsor. “It’s not just the dollar number.

“The purpose is to have a partner (sponsor) who has the benefits of fitness and goal-oriented fitness and health and lifestyle that makes our amenities more attractive because of the brand it is associated with.”

Schroeder said the project is called a “fitness park” because it will have two exercise areas – the fitness area and the additional exercise equipment.

“I am pleased that the Fitness Court is taking place and that you are working on sponsorship,” said Council President James Pasch to Schroeder.

Schroeder said the company he spoke to is still considering finalizing its sponsorship and hopes to have made a decision and closed a deal by the end of the year. Then the Council would have to give its final approval.

During the committee meeting, Schröder also discussed raising leisure fees for next summer so that employees can receive pay increases.

For example, he recommended a price increase for the city’s all-day children’s camps. For seven days of camp, Schroeder recommended an increase from the current $ 685 per child to $ 806 – an increase of almost 20 percent.

Officials allowed facial hair

Beachwood Police Chief Kelly Stillman told the council during its regular session Monday that it was lifting the department’s ban on facial hair growing for the months of November and December. Officials attending will donate $ 25 to The Gathering Place.

“Residents can participate, too,” he said of the annual program that helps the Beachwood organization that supports cancer patients and their families. Stillman said anyone wishing to make a donation to the police operation to help The Gathering Place can call the Beachwood Police Department during the day at 216-464-2343 and ask for Venita.

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