Belgrade sports activities expo anticipating huge out of doors summer season, benefiting Bozeman nonprofit | Regional


BELGRADE, Mont. – Rocky Mountain Supply to host their first major sports exhibition. The proceeds will support Eagle Mount Bozeman and prepare people for summer outdoor activities.

Store manager Jeremy Huckleberry said this was the best time to hold the event after one of the biggest summers for outdoor recreation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The big thing is definitely ammunition, we have some available for our event, but also fishing. We have local fishing company, Bozeman Fly Works. All of our prize money goes to Eagle Mount Bozeman for things for people in need and then they’re a local business, so above all we just want to benefit someone locally, “said Huckleberry.

Rocky Mountain Supply will be offering roughly 10 different raffles, from lifetime memberships to chicken feed and little things like bear spray, which are in high demand right now.

Huckleberry also mentioned that they will have hunting clothes when the weather starts to get warmer and warms up into summer.

The non-profit Eagle Mount Bozeman helps people with disabilities and cancer through recreational activities such as skiing, kayaking and horse riding, among others, in the area.

The sports exhibition starts at 10 a.m. in front of the sports department in the parking lot.

You can find more information about the Rocky Mountain Supply Sports Exhibition here.

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