Bemidji Parks and Recreation Dept. Seeks Public Enter and Options


The Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department is currently conducting an open survey to gather public opinion on what the city’s parks are doing and what could be improved.

The survey is available on the Bemidji City website and offers people the opportunity to leave comments, suggestions and concerns about the parks in Bemidji. The main objective of this survey is to update the Bemidji Parks and Trails Strategic System Plan and improve aspects of these areas to provide a better experience for the Bemidji community.

The survey will examine what amenities certain parks need, as previous surveys and results have shown them to be lucrative for improving sites like Diamond Point Park and Paul Bunyan Parks.

“We’re waiting for your input as a community, so this first survey and interactive map just lays the foundation for what people want and tells us what we’re doing well and what we need to improve that you value,” says Marcia Larson, Bemidji Parks and Recreation Director. “And then we’re going to move into focus groups with the community members and sort of narrow that focus and then start prioritizing after that. So at this point it’s really hard to say how many parks will be touched and improved until we kind of know what the community wants and what the priorities are.”

Popular ideas that already exist on the map include adding connecting paths for biking or skiing, as well as specific areas for outdoor activities like baseball or a frisbee golf course.

The poll is available through April 4th and includes a giveaway for people who leave comments and indicate their emails, which are kept confidential, on the interactive map and poll. Both can be found on the Bemidji City website.

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