Bend Metropolis Councilors talk about Measure 114 and vote on the Tenting Code


(Update: added video, comments from council members)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Bend city councilors met Wednesday night with a packed agenda that began with the updates and implications of Measure 114 and ended with a public hearing on the lengthy camping code process.

Measure 114, passed recently during the election to establish a permit-to-purchase program, limits magazine size and additional requirements for gun sales.

Action 114 has four steps for the permit-to-purchase program and the permit is valid for five years. Permission is granted when individuals meet the required qualifications of the program. Qualifications include: obtaining photo ID, fingerprints, reasonable fee, background check, training and fitness assessment.

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz said Wednesday, “When you’re talking about the implementation of the permit-to-purchase[program]it’s a little more complicated.”

“There are a lot of unanswered questions, it’s a poorly written measure with a lot of ambiguity,” added Krantz.

Towards the end of the agenda, council members heard the camping code from the public. It relates to time, place and manner – where people can camp, when and how they can camp.

Bend residents spoke for three minutes on the subject.

“A great deal of thought has gone into fine-tuning and working out the details of how this can be achieved with Campingcode. But it’s just empty words with no enforcement,” said Erin Woods.

Beth Brady said, “To ask people from the most vulnerable demographic to leave their fragile communities and not offer any other option is to treat someone less than humanely.”

After hearing the public, the councilors were able to voice their concerns.

“Knowing how complex systems are, I’m really concerned about how far this goes,” said Mo Mitchell, Bend City Councilman. “Really from the start I asked for a timeout, can we slow down.”

“This community should have started this work two decades ago,” Mayor Gena Goodman-Campbell said. “We should have found places for people to go twenty years ago – more. This crisis has built and built and built.

The camping code passed by a four to three vote. Mayor Goodman-Campbell, Councilors Campbell, Kebler, Broadman, Perkins, Mitchell and Sehgal voted yes. Campbell, Mitchell, Goodman opposed it.

Here is the full presentation on Measure 114: