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At the Bison Trace Luxury Camping Open Day, visitors experienced the ins and outs of luxury camping.

Matt and Leigh Wells open Bison Trace Luxury Camping in French Creek.

Leigh Wells said she and her husband decided to start Bison Trace Luxury Camping because of Bison Trace Luxury Camping’s increasing popularity “glamping”. Before purchasing the property, the campground operated as French Creek R&R Campgrounds.

The campground will feature six Lancaster cabins, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, one queen bed, bunk beds, a screened-in porch and a porch seating area. Four of the cabins have been installed, with two more to be completed after the campground launches. One of the cabins will be ADA compliant with an ADA compliant bathroom.

The campground will also have Conestoga Covered Wagons, which are equipped with two single beds and one queen-size bed, a full bathroom, and heating and air conditioning.

Safari tents will also be available, offering guests queen-size beds, a bunk bed, a double bed, a dining table, a front porch with furniture and a small kitchen area.

Matt and Leigh Wells open Bison Trace Luxury Camping in French Creek. Formerly French Creek R&R Campgrounds, the new campground will offer visitors an unforgettable glamping experience.

Although the safari tents do not have bathrooms, the campsite has a newly designed bath house. Guests do not have to share the bathhouse as each campsite has its own bathroom.

Each campground has its own fire pit with firewood, Adirondack chairs and a luxury smoking grill. Wells said the campground will provide each person with a lantern, pots and pans, linens and towels.

“Basically, people just have to bring what they want to eat, drink and wear.” She said.

We just want to do luxury camping in a really beautiful environment.”

The campsite consists of 27 hectares and offers campers access to hiking through the forest. A recreation building with darts, corn hole, shuffleboard, and board games provides additional entertainment for guests. The campsite will also offer a gazebo with a brick fireplace for campers.

The campground also has direct access to French Creek.

“The creek is simply beautiful”, said Wells. “There will be an area for people to hang out by the creek and there will be kayaking.”

Campground owners also plan to set up a dog park next spring. With dog harnesses and other pet-friendly amenities provided by the campground, Wells hopes the campground will be able to accommodate visitors’ pets.

Wells said the campground’s proximity to Peek’n Peak and Findley Lake makes it an ideal place for people to camp.

To celebrate the launch of the new campground, Matt and Leigh Wells recently hosted an open house event where visitors had the opportunity to learn what the new campground has to offer.

“We’re just excited” said Wells.

While Wells said the safari tents and wagons will most likely not be used during the winter months, she said the cabins will be available for rent from the open house.

Wells said the project was challenging because both she and her husband live in Kentucky.

“It’s a lot to do and trying to do it from so far away was difficult, but it’s really nice to see the finished product.” She said. “I am very excited about it. I think it’s going to be really cool. We’ve been working on this for a little over a year now and I think now is the time to start renting.”

Wells and her husband own two cottages near Findley Lake which sparked their passion for providing quality rental housing.

“We really enjoyed renting out our pitches and meeting people and just taking care of people”, said Wells. “It’s just fun to make people feel good. I just love it. We really try to do everything to make our places very special for our guests.”

As the campground grows in popularity, the owners plan events like pizza nights and wine tastings. Wells is also hoping to partner with Peek’n Peak for swimming, golfing and skiing.

Wells said Bison Trace Luxury Camping’s goal is to provide a place that visitors want to come back to, every time.

“I want our guests to feel like they can’t wait to come back.” She said.

While Matt and Leigh Wells hope to expand the campground in the future, Leigh Wells said the goal is to keep it “quaint.”

“We will have six cabins, two covered wagons and four tents.” She said. “We really don’t want to do much more.”

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