BLM declares payment hike for NW Oregon recreation websites


Visitors to the Bureau of Land Management’s recreation areas in Northwest Oregon will see new and increased fees this season.

The changes, the first in over 10 years, will go into effect in April at 22 locations across the region.

The BLM retains 100% of the fees to support the operation, maintenance and improvements of the local website. Funds also contribute to community partnerships and volunteer activities that support BLM’s local recreation program.

The fee changes include increases and new fees at existing day-use and overnight recreation sites.

However, much of the undeveloped BLM-managed lands in the district will continue to provide free outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking and scattered camping.

The program also includes a new $30 district-wide recreation pass.

This new pass will make it easier for frequent visitors to enjoy public BLM areas in Northwest Oregon.

The annual pass provides access to all day care centers in the district, with the exception of the outstanding Yaquina Head natural area in Newport. People can get a free district-wide annual pass by volunteering for 12 hours each year in the Northwest Oregon District.

The new pass replaces the existing Annual Passes for Wildwood and Shotgun Creek Recreation Areas, which are being retired. All recreation areas will continue to honor America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passports.

New day use fees across the district as follows:

  • $5 per passenger car with up to 9 passengers;
  • $5 per motorcycle;
  • $10 per van with 10 to 19 passengers;
  • $20 per bus with more than 20 passengers.

Camping fees increase depending on the facilities at each campsite.

  • $15 for primitive campsites;
  • Up to $40 for twin campgrounds;
  • $26 to $36 for junctions;
  • $45 to $80 for cabins and yurts;

Group campsites range from $50 to $420. Prices vary based on size, number of amenities and whether they include a shelter. The flat fee covers a basic number of people. There is an extra charge per person up to the maximum occupancy of the site.

Visit for more information on these recreational opportunities. Visitors can make reservations for many recreation areas at

To determine appropriate fee changes, BLM Recreational Specialists evaluated the facilities at each location.

They based their assessment on the criteria of the federal states’ recovery strengthening laws.

The location business plan includes a regional comparative market study of fees at similar recreational locations. For the full plan see The new and increased fees were approved on the recommendation of the Western Oregon Resource Advisory Council.

For more information, please contact your nearest BLM office.

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