Bluetti’s EB3A 268Wh Photo voltaic Generator gives moveable energy superb for tenting


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Bluetti is launching its new EB3A solar generator in the United States on June 14th, a 268 Wh portable power pack that can be charged from a solar panel or from a wall outlet.

First revealed during CES 2022, the Bluetti EB3A is part of the company’s line of power plants intended for mobile use. Ideal for an RV or for camping, the device can power essential devices on the go or far from civilisation.

With a capacity of 268 Wh, the device can charge up to nine devices at the same time. Equipped with two AC outlets that can output up to 600W when needed, it also includes other ports including two USB-A ports and one 100W USB-C port.

Key to its usefulness as a portable power station is the EB3A’s ability to charge itself via multiple methods.

Like other devices, it can be charged from a wall outlet, typically with up to 268W or turbocharged with 430W. If you need to charge it as quietly as possible from an outlet, Silent Mode can do it without turning on the fan while still charging it at up to 100W.

Charge the Bluetti EB3A on the go via solar power, a wall outlet or both at the same time.

However, you can also connect the EB3A to solar panels or a fuel-powered generator so it can be recharged at a remote location. It’s even flexible enough to draw power from both DC and AC sources at the same time.

It also charges quickly, taking around 1.5 hours to charge from an outlet in standard mode, 1.3 hours under turbo. A 200W MPPT solar charge fills the capacity in about 2.5 hours, although combining AC charging with solar can reduce the charging time to just 1.1 hours.

At its fastest, you can charge from empty to 80% in just 40 minutes.

To ensure you always have power, Bluetti uses the LiFePO4 battery cell for longevity. It manages over 2,500 charge cycles to 80% of its original capacity, so you can use it for a very long time.

With the LiFePO4 battery cell, the Bluetti EB3A offers a service life of over 2,500 charges.

Bluetti insists that the LiFePO4 battery cell charges faster, lasts longer, and is safer than the lithium-ion cells used in most other power plants and battery banks. An integrated battery management system helps improve battery utilization and extend its lifespan by protecting against short circuits, overcurrent events, overvoltage charging, overloading and overheating.

To keep an eye on the EB3A’s operation, you can check the percentage of charge remaining, the remaining charging time, and the input and output power on the new LCD screen. With a companion app, you can even check and update firmware from your iPhone at any time anywhere in the world where you can get a cellular signal.

Use the iPhone app to check how the Bluetti EB3A is charging or how much power is left.

Use the iPhone app to check how the Bluetti EB3A is charging or how much power is left.

Pre-orders begin June 14th. Deliveries of the Bluetti EB3A begin a week later. Pricing has yet to be announced, but subscribers to the company’s newsletter will be offered a 20% early bird discount.