Bureau of Land Administration seeks public touch upon proposal to designate Logandale Trails as a Particular Recreation Administration Space


LAS VEGAS – The Bureau of Land Management proposes to amend the 1998 Las Vegas Resource Management Plan to designate Logandale Trails as a Special Recreational Management Area and to develop a Recreational Area Management Plan and a Travel Management Plan. A letter of intent published in the federal register on October 22nd opens a 30-day public scoping period that ends on November 22nd, 2021.

The proposed designation is in line with the Biden-Harris government’s America the Beautiful initiative, a locally-led, voluntary, statewide effort to conserve, connect, and restore 30 percent of the land and waters by 2030. One of the initiative’s primary goals is improving access to outdoor recreation.

Currently, Logandale Trails is mainly used for recreation and is designated as an Extensive Recreation Management Area. Logandale Trails’ planning area comprises approximately 15,019 acres of BLM-managed public land in southern Nevada. Adjacent lots managed by the US Bureau of Reclamation and Nevada State Parks, as well as private lots, are not included in the planning.

“Every year more than 200,000 people visit the Logandale Trails,” said Shonna Dooman, field office manager for BLM Las Vegas. “Changing the naming of Logandale Trails to primarily focus on recreation while balancing resource conservation will allow BLM to create plans to support popular recreational activities. We look forward to receiving public input during this scoping period as it will help us identify relevant issues that will affect the scope of the environmental analysis, including alternatives for environmental assessment to changing the resource management plan. “

A virtual public meeting is scheduled during the scoping comment time and will be announced at least 15 days in advance.

The recreational area management plan will include an overall plan for managing the area for recreational use, including the use of ATVs, camping, hiking, target shooting, and special recreational permits (organized groups, commercial and special events). The recreation area management plan will also include an itinerary that will list routes open to the public, routes for management, and routes to be closed and rehabilitated. The Travel Management Plan can also provide for new routes.

Comments can be submitted in the following ways:

Before you provide your address, telephone number, email address or other personal data in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal data – can be made publicly available at any time. While you can request that your personal information be withheld from public review, there is no guarantee that we can do this.

For more information, please contact Kenny Kendrick, BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner, at 702-515-5073 or [email protected]