CACAC’s Climbing Tree Mentorship Program hosts first youth convention for teen ladies


“I felt safe here and I could hear other women’s stories,” said one participant.

“While I was here, I felt a strong sense of community and I feel more validated in my feelings,” added another participant.

Nicole Jones is the program coordinator for the Climbing Tree Mentorship Program and says this inaugural conference was important for these girls.

“The Climb was an opportunity to provide advice, information and coping skills to a group of high school girls from our community when life gets challenging,” she explained. “We put a face to some of the supports available to these young people and showed them real-life examples of women who have overcome adversity and reached a place of personal success and peace. I hope the interactions that took place yesterday were as meaningful to our attendees as they were to the team at The Climb.”

The climbing tree mentoring program is considered one of the first of its kind. It is a program designed to be resilient; for positive change and impact; for local youth.

According to the organization, through age-appropriate, health-promoting activities, we can greatly improve a child’s chances of recovering from the abuse they have suffered.

The overall goal of the CTMP with Volunteer Mentoring (currently offered to youth supported by CACAC) is to improve the mental health, life skills and overall happiness of youth to reach their full potential.

You can learn more about the program and become a mentor at:

Officials say the Climbing Tree Mentorship Program was made possible by funding from the RBC Foundation.