Calvert, St. Mary’s to be featured in 34th season of MPT’s “Outdoor Maryland”


OWINGS MILLS, MD – Maryland Public Television‘s (MPT) award-winning original series Outdoors Maryland returns Tuesday, November 15 for its 34th season, with the first of three new episodes airing later this month. Two additional new episodes will premiere in December and additional episodes of Season 34 of Outdoors Maryland will air in January 2023. A season preview is available on the program’s website at

Outdoors Maryland

Outdoors Maryland airs Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. on MPT-HD and online at Concurrent with their broadcast debut, episodes can also be viewed on-demand with MPTs online video player and the PBS Video App.

Created in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Outdoors Maryland continues to captivate viewers in its 34th season with a fresh look featuring new logos, graphics, theme songs, and opening and closing sequences. New episodes take viewers from the beaches of Assateague Island to the mountains of Western Maryland and everywhere in between to explore the beauty and wonder of the state’s diverse natural resources, meet native wildlife and the people who work to protect them and get a bird’s-eye view of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Segments premiering during the November Outdoors Maryland episodes are:

  • Episode 3401 – Tuesday November 15th
  • A Diamond in the Swamp (St. Mary’s County) Climate change threatens to impact the reproductive patterns of Maryland’s state reptile, the diamond-backed turtle. Chris Rowe, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciencesstudies a population of terrapins at the Patuxent River Naval Air Base to predict how significant those impacts will be, while Rebecca Stump, a US Navy Natural Resources Specialist, works to survey and protect terrapin nests and hatchlings.
  • A Wing and a Prayer (Worcester County) Barrier Island nesting sites near Ocean City and Assateague Island are disappearing rapidly, which is not welcome news for shorebirds. DNR, in partnership with Audubon Mid-Atlantic and the Maryland Coastal Bays Programhas deployed a raft to serve as artificial islandallowing scientists and conservationists to protect and monitor the birds and their nests.
  • Episode 3402 – Tuesday 22nd November
  • Appalachian Giants (Garrett County) The giant salamander known as “Hellbender‘ has long puzzled those who cross his path. The hellbender, a slimy, gray nerd that lurks among the rocks, is also an indicator species, and as Maryland DNR biologist Dan Feller explains, its demise means problems for the entire ecosystem.
  • Of Tradition and Technology (Anne Arundel County) Luke McFadden is a water sports enthusiast who makes a living in a proud Chesapeake Bay tradition. But alongside the water work, the tech-savvy 26-year-old works on social media, streaming videos via TikTok to millions of intrigued followers.
  • Episode 3403 – Tuesday 29th November
  • Tradition on Ice (Garrett County) ice fishing season on Deep Creek Lake is short – only about two months in a good year – but sweet. DNR biologist Matt Sell, his seven-year-old son and friends spend a day on the ice where camaraderie is as important as the catch.
  • Into the Wild (Garrett County) The mother-daughter duo Jody and Emma Wenzel learns during a weekend in the great outdoors as part of the “Become an outdoor woman” Program by DNR.
  • Parks by plane (nationwide) A continuation of the 2019 Emmy®-winning segment water through airParks by Air offers viewers a bird’s-eye view of Maryland’s most scenic and popular locations state parkswhere outdoor enthusiasts embark on exciting adventures.

Since debuting in 1988, MPT has produced more than 700 Outdoors Maryland stories on topics ranging from science-based environmental issues to features about unusual people, animals and places across the state. The series has received more than 50 awards in nearly 35 years of production, including multiple Emmy® Awards from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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