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Camp Rocky Outside Olympics to be held this weekend


MACOMB (WGEM) — Local kids have a chance to have fun and engage with college students at the Campy Rocky Outdoor Olympics this weekend in Macomb.

The event will take place on Saturday at the Horn Field campus just south of town.

The camp consists of a variety of activities, including a climbing wall, nature hikes, crafts, and group games, with indoor options when it rains.

The camp is run entirely by students under the management program of WIU’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

Assistant professor Megan Owens said the camp gives local children a chance to learn about nature and college students a chance to learn about developing and planning youth camps.

“And then it’s really best when the kids work with the college students. There’s really an element of adding the role model that the college students play in this scenario where you see what you can do in your future,” Owens said.

She said most camp activities will return after a few years of changes due to the COVID pandemic.

“As such, we are extremely pleased to be bringing back a significant portion of our original program this year. But we still only do the day camp. And I hope next year we can add the overnight component again,” said Owens.

She said the past few years have provided an opportunity to teach students how to adapt to the changing environment to ensure there is still a safe camp opportunity for children.

Owens said Saturday’s Camp Rocky event is fully booked, but there are opportunities for other groups to plan some outdoor fun at WIU’s Horn Field campus.

Those interested can contact the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism at 309-298-1967.

Learn more about the department and the Horn Field campus here.

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