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Camping Brits have shared tips on social media. Online camping communities help each other out with camping hacks, camping recommendations, and pictures of their latest purchases, and are great places for first-time visitors to get help.

“Get one with a sewn-in groundsheet.”

Tanya Goodsell said, “It’s never too cold.

“But it’s all about where you can dry the tent before packing it up for the winter as it’s now damp overnight.

“You have to be able to open it and hang it on a clothesline or something to dry it, or it will be ruined when you take it out next spring.


“I bought four season sleeping bags and camp beds to keep you off the floor, an electrical hookup and an oil-filled electric radiator worked for us as we turned the thermostat on and off.

“Lots of hot drinks and thermal socks and a bobble hat.”

Jamie Helene was also full of advice, who wrote: “We just got back from camping this weekend, the evenings and early mornings are now starting to get very cold.

“We had our groundsheet under our tent, carpets inside, foil sheets under our air mattresses, fluffy sheets, and I still had my sweatpants and hoodie in my sleeping bag.

“Take lots of comforters and blankets with you. Isolate your bedroom area (or even the whole tent) from the cold floor with foam floor tiles, make sure you don’t miss it under your bed and you should be fine.

“Do a practice run in the garden, because if you get really cold you can go in.”

Jacqui Hughes helped too, saying, “The coldest part is the dampness of a night rising through air mattresses.

“Insulate as much as possible under your air mattresses, take sleeping bags, quilts, fleece throws with you.”