Cast 4×4’s “Artemis” Mercedes Sprinter Is A Totally-loaded Badass Tenting Van


What is your first thought when you hear Mercedes Sprinter? It could be something along the lines of a very reasonable carrier, likely used by Amazon, UPS, or whatever logistics company you choose. Well, this isn’t the Artemis Sprinter, as you probably guessed from the title.

Before we proceed and discuss what makes this overland champion better than its mainstream Mercedes Opposite we will tell you what the project is and how you can win exactly this sprinter. Visit and shop what you like. Every dollar spent on the site equals one entry. This is your ticket to owning this badass RV and another $20,000 in cash.

But how is this Mercedes Sprinter different from the regular item you see on the road? Well, this 4×4 camper has loads of off-road extras to make outdoor adventures exciting and hassle-free. We would go so far as to call the Artemis a borderline second home. The only thing missing might be a three car garage. Given the places this camper can go, we assume you won’t need one.

Forged 4×4, together with Tommy Camper Vans and countless other partners, have succeeded in building the ultimate sprinter. One that’s ready to tackle the wild while still giving you the comforts of a simple and stress-free life. Upset? We also. Here is a closer look at the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter “Artemis”.

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What makes the Artemis Mercedes Sprinter so special?

Forged 4x4 Via: Forged 4×4

Forged 4×4 and Tommy Camper Vans did a great job of redesigning it and turning an industrial speedster into an off-road camper. Not exactly a motorhome by size, but certainly relaxing. So an off-road vehicle with a short wheelbase? Yes, that or a 4×4 campervan. Call it what you will, but there’s no denying that it’s a very capable and purpose-built machine.

First, let’s talk about the external modifications. Starting with the basics, the Artemis Sprinter sits 2.5 inches higher than your regular Sprinter. The suspension is a one-off designed by Fabtech with Dirt Logic stainless steel coilovers and reservoir shocks. What you’ll notice as a highlight, or perhaps the simplest giveaway that this isn’t your regular cargo carrier, are the massive tires. The Artemis Sprinter gets 275/70 R17 General Grabber LT A/T tires on all four corners (and a spare) wrapped around Black Rhino mid-hill beadlock rims. Designed to handle snow, mud, sand, etc., these 33-inch tires will get you through the gnarliest terrain with little effort. This 4×4 sprinter is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel that produces 161 hp and 268 lb-ft of torque.

Forged 4x4 Via: Forged 4×4

Outside party tricks don’t end here. Artemis gets a CA Tuned Off-Road Shovelnose bumper and Warn EVO winch with synthetic cable in case you get stuck in a pickle. You’ll also find Rigid-supplied outdoor lights ranging from a few pod lights to extremely bright floodlights and even a 50-inch light bar.

At the back, Artemis gets a Tommy Camper Vans-supplied rear ladder to access the roof rack, which is outfitted for rooftop decking and stargazing. An Owl Vans spare wheel holder is also provided, as are two Renogy 100W monocrystalline solar panels for effective energy management. As you can see, the Artemis Sprinter is equipped with premium items to make your wilderness journey an exciting and memorable one.

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The interiors of the Artemis will surely amaze you

When you open the Sprinter’s sliding doors, you are greeted by what is perhaps the most ergonomic motorhome interior ever. Everything is arranged logically, without frills and well thought out. Extensive modifications were made to transform the Sprinter’s fairly rudimentary cargo area into something of a modern studio apartment.

Amenities offered include a walnut butcher countertop, farmhouse sink, 31 gallon fresh water tank and heated outdoor shower faucet. The interior is done in a white and dark contrasting theme to give a sense of space. Two rotating seats and a chic table that can be set up in about 15 seconds should cater to your work-life balance. For your electrical needs there is a 3000w inverter whilst cooking is via a propane fueled stove. Five batteries neatly hidden behind the van power the inverter. But if you run out of juice, you should be covered with the reassurance of 200W of solar power thanks to the panels on the roof.

A MaxxFan is bolted to the top to increase airflow in the cabin. If that doesn’t meet your cooling needs, there’s a swamp cooler available. Four function cupboards are arranged at the top and two more below as storage space. Behind it you will find the propane tank as well as the sink reservoir. Forged 4×4 also throws in a household CFX3 fridge/freezer so your camping won’t become a night of boring sobriety. Overall, the Artemis 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter is an ace adventure machine. Follow Forged 4×4 to stay up to date on the next steps.

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