Cell metropolis council set to introduce unlawful tenting ordinance


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – An ordinance on camping on public land is scheduled to be presented to the Mobile City Council on Tuesday.

A city-wide ordinance will be introduced on Tuesday. This regulation affects campsites on public land such as parks and underbridges.

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Mobile District 4 Councilman Ben Reynolds yesterday spoke about his plans for a new ordinance targeting campsites on public property, saying it was a public health risk on trails and in public parks.”

He said these camps are a misuse of public property and something that citizens of his district have brought to his attention. A Mobile Homeless Assessment is coming soon, but Reynolds says the ordinance isn’t targeting the homeless. “As this discussion unfolds, you will see that this regulation is not designed to solve the homeless problem.” Reynolds said, “This regulation is intended to solve a public health problem related to camping and public property, and I think that People would love to have a conversation about the homeless, and so would I, but I think it’s important to keep the two separate in relation to this ordinance, because this ordinance says nothing about homeless people.”

Reynold said some of the areas, particularly in his county, are seeing camps on private property that he doesn’t think the city itself can do much about. “Property owners need to hold themselves accountable for evicting people they don’t want on their property. If they don’t want people camping on their property, they need to notify the police so they can be removed and charged with trespassing,” Reynolds said. He went on to say that no one would be disciplined outright, but would first be warned and then fined between $100 and $500 and arrested if they didn’t comply.

If you know someone affected by homelessness, below are links to resources: