Céüse Grand Face climbing restrictions on account of Peregrine falcons


Until 15 June 2022 rock climbing is restricted on the upper pitches of the multi-pitch climbs on the Grand Face at Céüse due to nesting Peregrine falcons.

The huge Grand Face at Céüse is home to some magnificent multi-pitches that climb the entire height of crag and top out on the rolling summit plateau, such as the classics Inespérance and the difficult Little big wall. A pair of Peregrine falcons has chosen to nest on this cliff and as a result climbing is currently restricted on all upper pitches until the 15th of June 2022. The first pitches however remain accessible to climbers. Peregrine falcons almost became extinct in 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, and although they have made a remarkable comeback in recent decades, they are protected by law and the nesting season is extremely delicate for reproductive success.

On a different note, rubbish at Céüse continues to remain an important issue with human waste, old water bottles and all other forms of trash littering the crag even before the season starts. Climbers are reminded to take all their rubbish back out, and this includes toilet paper, wet wipes and sanitary items.

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