Chandler Smith – No. 18 Cost Me Tundra TRD Professional Tenting World Vehicles Richmond Preview


Talk about the experience of welcoming your first child into the world.

“It was amazing, to say the least. Everyone talks about how life changing it is to have a child, get married and be a father and on both counts to say life changing is still an understatement. We are just blessed – it was an amazing experience for my wife through labor and delivery and an amazing experience for me. Obviously my wife and I are even closer now that we have a child, so overall it’s a surreal experience and I’ve never been happier in my life.”

You finished fourth in Richmond last year. What is your mindset that brings you back there this year?

“It’s essentially a short route and we have a good notebook going back there. Last year we weren’t that great there, we finished fourth, but we didn’t have fourth place. We probably took a 10thtruck and got a fourth place from it – which is very good from a team point of view. We have many notes about what we did wrong and what we need to do to fix it. I feel like our short track program has also come a long way since last year in Richmond so I feel very confident in myself and my team and everyone at KBM.”

How do you approach Saturday’s race when you are 24 points above the cutoff line to advance to the round of 16?

“I wouldn’t say I’m not worried about the cutoff because anything can happen. IRP (Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park) is a prime example, we started second and now we’re fifth or sixth, so one race can really change a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m not worried, but I will say we’re still going for wins, stage points, playoff points – that’s still our main focus. I feel like when the performance is there, the points will come with it.”