Chandler Smith – No. 18 Safelite Tundra TRD Professional Tenting World Vans Darlington Preview

Chandler Smith – No. 18 Safelite Tundra TRD Pro Camping World Trucks Darlington Preview

Will it benefit you from racing in the Xfinity Series for the last two weeks while the Truck Series was off?

“Getting seat time in any race car always helps no matter what, so it was good to get behind the wheel of Sam Hunt’s Xfinity car for two weeks while the Truck Series was out. I have to thank ChargeMe and QuickTie for being there for my debut in the Xfinity series. Without their support I would not have had this opportunity.”

You’ve shown a lot of speed in your Darlington starts so far. Is there something about this circuit that suits your driving style?

“It’s a lot of fun racing at Darlington. It’s a worn track where you have to look after your tires and that trait definitely suits my background when it comes to Super Late Model Racing. We were very quick the first three times I drove there, but we didn’t get the places we deserved. I look forward to getting the Safelite Tundra TRD Pro on the road to victory on Friday night.”

You’ve been a big advocate of returning to training, will you be training at Darlington this time?

“In recent years it has definitely been difficult as a young driver to go to the circuit and just queue up and race. Whilst practice time is limited in most locations this year it gives me as a driver the opportunity to get a feel for the truck and work with Danny (stockman, crew chief) to better balance the Safelite Tundra TRD Pro to make my taste at the start of the race. In recent years you had to wait until the first pit stop to make an adjustment and if you did anything substantial it cost you a point in the pit lane and left you behind. We’ve been close the last few times at Darlington so hopefully if we practice it will make the difference.”